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      Sears Gift Cards have no fees and no expirations. You can use a Sears Gift Card at any Sears store or pick-up location. Check the balance of your Sears Gift Card by calling 1-800-400-1000.

      • You can purchase Sears Gift Cards in-store in any denomination from $5 to $500. To find a store near you, visit our Store Locator page.
      • How do I redeem Sears Gift Cards on
      • You can redeem your gift cards on purchases made in-store. To find a store near you, visit our Store Locator page.
      • If I make a return, does the amount I redeemed get reloaded onto my Sears Gift Card?
      • You will receive a refund of the amount you return on your credit card as per our return policy. If your purchase was made with a gift card only, Sears will issue a new gift card for the amount of the refund.
      • Can I redeem an American Sears Gift Card in Canadian stores?
      • No. Sears Gift Cards from the United States cannot be redeemed in Canada. Only Sears Canada Gift Cards can be used in Sears Canada stores.
      • What denominations can I choose for my Sears Gift Cards?
      • In retail stores any denomination can be loaded from $5-$500. The Sears Gift Card is a stored value Card redeemable for purchases simply by swiping it at point of sale at Sears. The Card can be swiped multiple times until the full value is spent.
      • Are there any fees or administration charges involved?
      • There are no fees of any kind when purchasing a Sears Gift Card.
      • Will I require a PIN or ID Number?
      • No, the Card will simply be swiped at the point of sale.
      • How will I know how much value is remaining on my Card?
      • The sales receipt for each purchase you make with your Card will itemize the value remaining. You can also find out the remaining value by asking a Sears salesperson to swipe the Card at point of sale. Or simply call 1-800-400-1000 with your Card number and we'll be able to tell you over the phone.
      • Do Sears Gift Card purchases earn Sears ClubTM Points?
      • Sears ClubTM Points are not issued on Gift Card purchases.
      • Is there a limit to the dollar value per Card, or per purchase?
      • The maximum value for each Gift Card is $500.00. The Card can be used all at once to pay for merchandise or service, or used for several purchases over time as long as there is value remaining.
      • Do Sears Gift Cards ever expire?
      • There are no expiry dates on Gift Cards sold on or after October 1, 2007 which applies to Gift Cards sold in all Sears Canada stores, on-line, or via Catalogue. Sears Canada loyalty programs cards "Rewards Cards" and promotional Cash Cards are not covered by legislation and will continue to expire as indicated on either the front or back of the Card as follows:
        • Reward Cards / Sears Club Cash Cards : "This Card will expire 6 months after the date of issue."
        • Promotional Cards (Cash Cards): "This Card will expire after the dates indicated on the front of the Card"
        • The terms and conditions of Gift Cards sold prior to October 1, 2007 will not be affected by legislation and continue to expire 24 months after the date of purchase. You may check the expiry date and balance remaining by calling 1-800-400-1000 or at any Sears retail store. After expiry, any remaining balance will not be returned.
      • Can Gift Cards be 'reloaded' with additional amounts?
      • Cards cannot be "topped up" after being used, however additional Cards can be purchased. Also, balances cannot be transferred from one Card to another unless the original Card has been damaged, in which case a replacement Card will be issued.
      • What happens if a Gift Card is lost or stolen?
      • Since Cards are treated like cash, we cannot issue replacements for lost or stolen Cards.
      • Where are Gift Cards redeemable?
      • Cards are redeemable in store at any Sears Canada location for the extensive Sears selection of goods and services with the exception of Flowers by Sears®, and Sears Parts and Service.
Gift Card Terms and Conditions

The Sears Gift Card ("Card") is redeemable for merchandise and services at Sears Canada Inc. and is not redeemable for cash or credit in whole or in part. It cannot be used for payment on Sears Credit accounts, Gift certificates or merchandise certificate purchases. The Card is the property of Sears. Lost or stolen Cards will not be replaced. Sears must activate the Card prior to use. You may check the balance remaining by calling 1-800-400-1000 or at any Sears retail store. Only redeemable in Canada.

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