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Sears Makes Maximizing your Home Renovation Simple

There has been never been a better time for homeowners to renovate their home. For a limited time homeowners can get 25% more money in government rebates when they make energy-efficient upgrades. It's never been more affordable to renovate or improve the energy efficiency of your home.


What is the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program?

The ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program is designed to help
homeowners make smart energy retrofit decisions that will result
in significant energy savings and a cleaner environment.
The first step to participate in the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes
program is to arrange for a professional energy evaluation provided
by an energy advisor certified by Natural Resources Canada
(NRCan). The advisor will perform a pre-retrofit evaluation of the
home and provide you with your own personalized action checklist
of upgrades that will reduce your energy consumption.
Sears is ecoENERGY Certified and can provide this service.
Call 1-800-961-8913 for details.
(Saskatchewan and Quebec residents please call 1-866-878-1283.)

ecoENERGY Program FAQ's

How much time do homeowners have to complete the work?

Starting from the time you receive your pre-retrofit energy evaluation report, you have 18 months or until March 31, 2011 to complete any or all upgrades and obtain your post-retrofit evaluation.

How does the grant application process work?

Following the pre-retrofit evaluation and the implementation of the renovations or upgrades, the homeowner must have a post-retrofit evaluation performed on the home. At the time of the post-retrofit evaluation, the energy advisor will complete a provincial grant application form on behalf of the homeowner and present it for his/her review and signature. A copy of the application form is provided to the homeowner. The energy advisor prepares and sends the electronic file on the home, (which includes information about the home collected during the post-retrofit evaluation), to the service organization whom in turn submits to NRCan. NRCan processes the application and, under normal circumstances, the homeowner receives a cheque within 90 days following the date of the post-retrofit evaluation.

How much does the "D" evaluation cost?

The evaluation cost can vary between $300 - $425 depending on the service organization you choose.

How much can homeowners expect to save in terms of annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions?

The average upgrade is expected to yield reductions in energy use of approximately 30 percent and greenhouse gas emission reductions of approximately 4 tonnes per house. By implementing the energy retrofit recommendations, a typical homeowner could save $700 a year on a $2,000 annual heating bill.

How much of a grant will I be entitled to if I complete the recommended retrofits?

The average provincial grant for a single property is expected to be over $1,000. The maximum grant available for one home or multi-unit residential building is $5,000 (which may be matched by some Provincial Governments). Property owners of multiple residential buildings are eligible for up to $500,000 over the life of the program ending March 31, 2011.

Sears 8 Simple Steps to Reducing Energy Consumption & Improving Your Home

  1. Call 1-800-961-8913 to book a D Evaluation with a certified Sears Energy Advisor.
  2. Evaluation is completed and the advisor provides the homeowner with an energy efficiency rating of their home and reviews the audit findings with him/her.
  3. Homeowner receives official D Evaluation report via regular mail or e-mail.
  4. The homeowner schedules requests for estimates for proposed upgrades.
  5. Homeowner receives estimates and schedules work to be done.
  6. When work is completed the homeowner schedules a post-retrofit E Evaluation.
  7. E Evaluation is conducted and Energy Advisor processes and submits homeowner's application for rebates.
  8. Wait 90 days from the date of the E Evaluation to receive your cheque.

ˆ Rebates vary by province. Visit for details.


Rebates & Promotions