en wholeHome®/MD 'Caliente' Pillow Top Mattress wholehome-md-caliente-pillow-top-mattress wholeHome®/MD wholehome-md 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM 3350115 33501151 ProductGroup wholehome-md-matelas-laquo-caliente-raquo-a-plateau-coussin 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM wholeHome®/MD Matelas « Caliente » à plateau-coussin null 601-000572495-CALIENTPTFMTM std_lang_all/77/_p/601_71977_P.jpg std_lang_all/77/_p/601_71977_P.jpg 0 If you're one of the many individuals with an endless search for a great night sleep, then look no further than Whole Home. Our sleep systems are constructed with superior craftsmanship, high-quality textiles in an assortment of comfort levels firm, extra-firm, medium, plush. We recognize the importance of a mattress’ ability to respond with the proper firmness and cushioning where it’s needed most, distributing your body’s weight evenly across the mattress. The Whole Home "Caliente" Pillow Top Mattress is well-constructed and super comfortable, helping to ensure you wake every morning well-rested and rejuvenated. You may have to force yourself up, but you'll be thankful during those long days at work. Upgrade your sleep experience tonight on one of Sears Whole Home®/MD sleep sets.
  • Zoned innerspring design features thicker gauged wire to support the heavier parts of your body and is designed to reduce disturbance from sleep partners
  • Twin Pocket Coil Count: 616, Double Pocket Coil Count: 898, Queen Pocket Coil Count: 1080, King Pocket Coil Count: 1386
  • Silk & Wool Blend . Fluffy fibers cradle and cushion the body
  • 1-1/2" Gentle Support Foam. Extra-soft foam cushion the body at the surface
  • Insulator Pad added for enhanced insulation
  • Mattress height:11.5"
  • Polyester Cotton Blend ticking provides a soft, comfortable fabric that regulates heat from the body to help reduce temperature swings to increase your comfort level
  • It's recommended to rotate your mattress every 3 months, to use a mattress pad for extra protection, and to ensure you use a properly supported bedframe
  • 1/2" Centre Third Latex. This unique, breathable foam instantly responds to your body, providing the ultimate in pressure relief and spinal support. It is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic for a healthier night’s sleep
  • 2" HI IFD Support Foam. High density foam provides firm support
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