en Stearns & Foster® 'Dominion' Euro Pillow Top Box Spring stearns-foster-dominion-euro-pillow-top-box-spring Stearns & Foster® stearns-foster 601-000047837-48754 601-000047837-48754 601-000047837-48754 3075344 30753441 ProductGroup stearns-fostermd-sommier-a-plateau-coussin-euro-dominion 601-000047837-48754 601-000047837-48754 Stearns & Foster(MD) Sommier à plateau-coussin euro 'Dominion' null 601-000047837-48754 std_lang_all/53/_p/601_48753_P.jpg std_lang_all/53/_p/601_48753_P.jpg 1 std_lang_all/_r/es/SnF_Silver_logo_hi_res.jpg Since 1846, Stearns & Foster has built a tradition of luxury by emphasizing the finest materials, attention to detail and a commitment to creating an exceptional sleeping experience. Stearns & Foster follows one simple formula to ensure the satisfaction of each of their customers: build every bed as if it's the most important one they will ever make. The Stearns & Foster mission is to provide you with an exceptional sleep experience night after night, year after year – so you can start each day energized and at your best.A mattress is nothing without its support! Acting much like a large shock absorber, the Stearns & Foster Dominion Hi-loft Pillow Top Foundation provides long-lasting comfort and support and will serve to extend the life of your mattress. Your foundation is used almost every single night, so it directly contributes to your comfort.
  • Standard 9" height, lowprofile 5.5" height
  • Semi-Flex WCR 9" provides a stable and flat surface support area for your mattress
  • Distributes energy evenly throughout the foundation providing stability to help extend the life of your mattress
  • To purchase a Queen Split or King Foundation, two (2) foundations must be ordered
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