Simmons® 'Stirling' Storage Ottoman

Apple contrast
Apple self
Cafe contrast
Cafe self
Java contrast
Java self
Naval contrast
Naval self
Raspberry contrast
Raspberry self
S867a apple/s874w
S867a apple/self
S867c cafe/s874g
S867c cafe/self
S867e ebonyii self
S867e ii contrast tc
S867j java/s874g
S867j java/self
S867m ii contrast tc
S867m maltii self
S867p ii contrast tc
S867p plumii self
S867r raspberr/s874g
S867r raspberr/self
S867s slate/s874b
S867s slate/self
S867w wheat/s874g
S867w wheat/self
S903b burgundy/s959b
S903b burgundy/self
S903c charcoal/s960r
S903c charcoal/self
S903d dove/s970e
S903d dove/self
S903e ebony/s970e
S903e ebony/self
S903f fushia/s943f
S903f fushia/self
S903g glade/s960g
S903g glade/self
S903l lime/self
S903l lime/self
S903n natural/s968n
S903n natural/self
S903t tangerin/s961j
S903t tangerine/self
S911c coffee/s937s
S911c coffee/self
S911e ebony/s889e
S911e ebony/self
S911l linen/s937n
S911l linen/self
S911m mocha/s937s
S911m mocha/self
S911o olive/s937o
S911o olive/self
S911s stone/s937n
S911s stone/self
S939c choc./s944a
S939c choc./self
S939e ebony/s951e
S939e ebony/self
S939g grey/s893g
S939g grey/self
S939i ice/s963e
S939i ice/self
S939p pacific/s961p
S939p pacific/self
S939s sand/s951e
S939s sand/self
S953b brick/s976b
S953b brick/self
S953e ebony/s944a
S953e ebony/self
S955b beige/s956m
S955b beige/self
S955c choc./s956m
S955c choc./self
S955s sand/s957s
S955s sand/self
S955t taupe/s956m
S955t taupe/self
S958s slate/s931c
S958s slate/self
Slate self
Wheat contrast
Wheat self
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About this product

Product features

As offered in Sears Home stores and selected Sears Department stores

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Sturdy hardwood/plywood frame provides strength
  • Includes castors for ease of movement.
  • Only at Sears!
  • Made in Canada
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