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LEGO® STAR WARS® 391-Piece 'Duel On Geonosis' Playset

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    Kids can try to stop Count Dooku™ from leaving Geonosis™ with the plans for the Death Star. Over 300 pieces to fire their imaginations and develop their building skills. Combine this set with other LEGO playsets for even more creative play options
  • 391 pieces
  • Lair features falling ramps, tower handle, hidden compartment
  • Comes with 4 mini figures including Count Dooku with lightning attack and Yoda
  • Ages 8-14 years
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    Kids can try to stop Count Dooku™ from leaving Geonosis™ with the plans for the Death Star. Over 300 pieces to fire their imaginations and develop their building skills. Combine this set with other LEGO playsets for even more creative play options
  • 391 pieces
  • Lair features falling ramps, tower handle, hidden compartment
  • Comes with 4 mini figures including Count Dooku with lightning attack and Yoda
  • Ages 8-14 years

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Design Features
Product depth (in.) 15.04
Product height (in.) 2.22
Product weight (lb.) 1.32
Product width (in.) 10.31
Product depth (in.)
Product height (in.)
Product weight (lb.)
Product width (in.)
Rated 5 out of 5 by from "Much to learn you still have"-Yoda My godfather bought me this set for my birthday, and I was delighted with how it turned out! This is a cool duel in episode 2 and Lego portrayed it well. The Minifigures: Yoda is GREAT! He comes with a rubber head and short legs. Also comes with a green lightsaber and a thing that can be put around his back that I will talk about later. I didnt like how his face didn't show the wiseness and age of the yoda in the movies. Count Dooku is my favorite minifigure in the set. He just looks so much like the movie count dooku. It is also really cool how his face is the same as Saruman in Lord of the rings because they are both played by the same actor! He has a double sided face- evil grin and frowning. He comes with a red lightsaber with a really cool curved lightsaber hilt and a strand of sith lightning. Poggle is an amazing minifigure. Very detailed, but the instructions for his wings were confusing. He comes with a hologram of the Death Star plans. Finally, there is a pilot droid. The Set: I love the functions of this set. First, there is a falling pillar pillar that, in the movie is knocked onto the injured Anakin and Obi-Wan. Then there are two falling things that hang on the ceiling that Dooku throws at Yoda in the movie. There is another one of these that shoots from the wall. My favorite is the one that makes Yoda jump all around. There is a part that goes between his head and torso and clips onto this long pole. WIth this, you can move Yoda in, out, up, down, side to side, and spinning around. The set can bend in a few places. Finally, there is a secret compartment where you can store Dooku's lightning. The set has nice little details throughout. This is a great set. I plan to get all the other Geonosis sets as soon as possible! I fully recommend.
Date published: 2014-10-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from ...but by our skills with a lightsaber! Wow! Could it really be that we haven't seen the movie version of Count Dooku since 2002? Back in the day, right? Like, when LEGO sets were cheaper? Seriously, LEGO, I think you guys are starting to count parts of the images on the box without knowing they aren't actually in the set. This isn't one of the worst ones price-wise, and besides, you guys always seem to figure out how to make an excuse for it, like four exclusive minifigures. Still...I'm warning day... ROOM ON GEONOSIS: Not really sure of the official name for that, but whatever.... Anyway, like I implied, the room is a lot smaller than the price entails, but it is chock-full of little bits from the duel of Yoda and Dooku in Episode II...the walls can be Force pushed out, as can the toppling pillar Dooku uses to distract Yoda and get away. There is also a docking area for a speeder, though I don't believe any was included unless I was missing a whole bag. Anyways...the coolest part of the set would be that Yoda can attach to a technic pole of sorts (this probably should have been in clear pieces, otherwise it's a little too obvious) and you can maneuver it to have him flip and flop around while battling Dooku. It's a nice little base that can fit in with a few other Star Wars areas, or just count for a place to keep ships when all else fails. Great job, just not $40. MINIFIGURES: -Yoda: Well, I was beginning to think we'd never see more than a Clone Wars Yoda ever again. Finally, here we are with a brand new head mold and torso printing for our little green friend. Yoda's head is smiling, and he has a cane and lightsaber (you guys really ought to think about giving him a short blade. It's more realistic). I absolutely love this new version of the Jedi. -Count Dooku: Well, here we are, and I must say, what a relief to see him without large Clone Wars eyes as well. He has his fancy Count printing on his robes and silver chain around his neck to hold in place his brown cape. He comes with his silver, curved handled red lightsaber and has a white hair piece on his head, that can be either a subtle look or evil smile. It is the same head as what is on Saruman (since Christopher Lee played both characters in the films). Awesome fig! -Poggle the Lesser: Never expected the Geonosian leader! My brothers and I always enjoyed imitating his clicking speech when we were little. Poggle has a special head mold with a long chin and elderly Geonosian look to him. He has unique bug printing and comes with a cane and a hologram piece of the Death Star. It's actually great to get that, since I missed the Republic Cruiser. -Assistant Droid: I'm sure there's an official name, but I just went blank. Anyway, the Clone Wars version was a little primitive, but that was a long while ago so we have a new mold for this droid. His head resembles a commando droid's, and he is colored brown, but he has brick built pieces to make him a wheel manipulation droid. Nice assistant for Dooku. OVERALL: Cool set, just the same little overpricing gig. I really wish LEGO would realize this for themselves. Anyway, I love the Yoda and the Dooku, and it's about time that Episode II Geonosis battle sets made their return, so here's to the kickoff!
Date published: 2014-07-18
Rated 3 out of 5 by from DECENT LEGO SET!!!!! It's an ok Lego set but kind of bland !!! PROS are the figures and the speeder and the entrench to the play set CONS are yodas head look and his play feature with the technic piece but I wish the set had more detail and figs but I did get it just for the figs
Date published: 2014-06-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Great Set to Your Star Wars Collection This Star Wars set is great! It is a great collection to be added with a new Yoda and Count Dooku to the new Poggle minifigure. First, Dooku's speeder. It's a great design, but it looks exactly like the speeder used in the Lego Star Wars the Clone Wars set with Captain Rex, Obi Wan, and the Commando Droids but in brown. Look: 9.5/10 Playability: 9.0/10 Creativity: 7/10 Next, we have the main set itself. I love the archway and the factory look to it. It also includes a platform area in which you can stick Yoda on to recreate his jumping in the movie. You can fold to make the set smaller or bigger. Look: 10/10 Playability: 9.5/10 Creativity: 10/10 And finally the minifigures, Count Dooku is excellent, with his double-sided expressions, and a nice minifigure over all. Yoda is so much better than his Clone Wars altar ego, his new expression is great. Poggle is probably one of the best of them all, with an awesome head and the classic Geonosian look. Finally, the droid pilot. Although he doesn't appear in the fight, he is a great add-on to the set. Looks: 10/10 Playability: 10/10 Creativity: 10/10 *The minifigures categories don't make sense, I'll try to make better ones in my next review. Overall, this set is a must-buy for Lego Fans. The average rating for this set is............... 9.4/10 A very good set with my ratings. (I don't usually give sets an average of 9 or higher). So stop reading this and get the set for your self!
Date published: 2014-04-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A great set love the minifigs and how and just about everything about this set
Date published: 2014-03-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Gift Given to my Grandson for Christmas. Already many hours of enjoyable and creative fun with this product. Highly recommended.
Date published: 2014-01-13
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Pretty Good Lego Set This is a pretty good lego set. You get some very nice mini figures, LOVE the Poggle mini figure (awesome detail), and some cool play features (I'm more of a collector, so I don't play with the lego sets :P), though I'm not seeing the $40 price tag. I think $35 would have been a better price. Though maybe the the mini figures made it worth the price. I think it would have been awesome if it came with Anakin (with green lightsaber) and obi-won minifigures. I probably would have paid $40-45 for it if it came with those.
Date published: 2014-01-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from No, try not. Build, or build not. There is no try. This set is a great set, it really is. I won't go into too much detail, but even though it may not be the best looking set, it really is one of the most functional sets I've ever seen. The set really is built around the duel, not the place. In fact, I would have said "It is obvious this review cannot be decided by this set's details and asthetics, but by its skills and functions," as the title, but it was too long, so I went with a yoda quote from episode 5 instead. Sorry guys. Anyway, as usual this review is going to get long probably, so if you don't feel like going into too much detail and just want to know whether or not you should buy it, and why, then scroll down to the Final Verdict section. But if you want specifics, on with the review. Minifigures: Yoda: This Yoda minifigure is amazing. The robes are cool and all, but the real highlight is the face mold. Its a different shade of green that the old Yoda minifigure of course, since his skin was different in the prequels, but the biggest improvement is that there's actual printing for the eyes and hair. I don't even care that it took so long, since there weren't many sets with him in it between his last appearance before this, and now. The head is made of rubber, but I don't think that's a problem, I just mention it because I know some people care about that. Poggle the Lesser: If you don't know who this is, he's the Geonosian that appears throughout Episode II. I don't particularly like or dislike this minifigure, because I never really cared about the character that much, but it does look cool. It's very detailed and awesome. Count Dooku's droid.. thing: I don't know what this droid does, or what its name is, or why it was included in this set..... but it sure does look awesome! Count Dooku (A.K.A Darth Tyranus): This figure looks cool. Really, really cool. His face printing is great, his hair is kinda overused but great, everything is super detailed and super great. Not much else to say really. Moving on! Set: Speeder: There's nothing really special about this speeder. Its cool and all, but I almost forgot it was there once the awesome set was finished. So um, good try LEGO, but you know you have a problem when your own set overshadows itself. Room, lair, thingy: The reason I don't know what to call this room isn't because of my ignorance (not completely anyway) but because it really is all about the duel itself and not the room. It has a lot of function and ways to recreate moves that were in the movies. This ends up being a double edged lightsaber, so to speak, and since I hate to leave off on a bad note (unless a set actually is bad, then what the heck, why not) I'll save the good part of this for last. Anyway, the bad part is that it means besides the figures, this set really is a total recreation of that single scene. Unlike most (key word most) LEGO sets, you can't do much with your imagination to make up your own scenarios with this set. Its about Yoda and Dooku's fight, and thats about it. Anyway, that was short wasn't it? Now for the good part. Okay, anyway, the functions on this set are really cool. I let my sister build half of this set, so I might not have even noticed all of them (yet) but the major ones I noticed are 1: The lights, though possibly not intentionally, pop out like flick fire missiles, except less annoying. 2: One of the rocks pops out to hit the minifigures. 3: One of the rocks opens up to reveal a secret storage. I use it to store Dooku's lightning when he isn't holding it, or his lightsaber, or even both, but most standard, small items fit inside. Like, oh, I don't know, the death star plans. 4: There's a stick thing that you attack yoda to in order to make him do all his cool flips and jumps. At first I thought this was really cool, and it would be perfect for making a stop motion..... until I actually built it and it was really flimsy and weak. Unless you are holding it still, it keeps moving around, which I guess is okay for playing but not at all okay for stop motion. And, unless you hold yoda himself and not the stick thing, he turns upside down, so you might as well get rid of the stick thing and make him flip with your hands. This is a shame because I like making stop motions (even though I may not be incredibly good at it) and so I was really excited when I saw that feature. Final Verdict: Okay, this is a really cool set, but sadly I think in this case the cons are just as numerous, and major, as the pros. Its cool how functional this set is, but really there isn't much room for you to use your imagination, and some of the functions aren't even that cool. Also, I didn't mention the aesthetics that much because they aren't anything super special. Thankfully, the figs are so cool they almost make up for that, but it isn't enough to save this set. Really, the cons and the pros balance out, but since each pertains to a different part of the set, I'll have to give it 3 scores and 3 grades. Minifigures and some small parts of the set Score: 10/10 Grade: A+ Set itself: Score: 7/10 Grade: B- Average: Score: 9/10 Grade: A Well that's it for this review. I probably should rate it lower but.... Those minifigures are just so cool!
Date published: 2013-12-26
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