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LEGO® STAR WARS® 380-Piece 'Rancor Pit' Playset

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    Kids can help Luke Skywalker find the hidden pit key to escape the jaws of the Rancor. Over 300 pieces to fire their imaginations and develop their building skills. Combine this set with other LEGO playsets for even more creative play options.
  • 380 pieces
  • Includes Rancor figure with movable arms, jaw, hands and fingers
  • Skeleton and 3 minifigures: Malakili, Luke Skywalker and a Gammorrean guard
  • Open gate, secret room and hidden compartment
  • Accessories include: bone, 2 keys, pitchform and bucket and more
  • Ages 8-14 years
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    Kids can help Luke Skywalker find the hidden pit key to escape the jaws of the Rancor. Over 300 pieces to fire their imaginations and develop their building skills. Combine this set with other LEGO playsets for even more creative play options.
  • 380 pieces
  • Includes Rancor figure with movable arms, jaw, hands and fingers
  • Skeleton and 3 minifigures: Malakili, Luke Skywalker and a Gammorrean guard
  • Open gate, secret room and hidden compartment
  • Accessories include: bone, 2 keys, pitchform and bucket and more
  • Ages 8-14 years

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Design Features
Product depth (in.) 18.9
Product height (in.) 2.91
Product weight (lb.) 2.16
Product width (in.) 11.1
Product depth (in.)
Product height (in.)
Product weight (lb.)
Product width (in.)
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Completion of the Palace The set I bought back in fall of 2013. The set is great add-on to the palace. The pit in the palace directly opens up to the pit. The pit itself is fairly small in space but has just about enough room to fit the rancor and the prey. The figures in this set are great. We see another Gamorrean Guard and Malakili figure is hysterical because of the tear face on the other side of the face. The Luke figure is the same build as the Skiff, yet this one has a smile. Luke (I don't see it anywhere) never smiles in the pit. The Rancor is beautiful and well built, although not to minifigure scale. This set, like the palace, has figures to make up for the price.
Date published: 2015-05-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Modular designs are now commonly found in most LEGO themes. From the soaring multi-storey pet shops and period fire stations of City to the set-sprawling schools of witchcraft and wizardry of Harry Potter, LEGO models are now more compatible than ever before, making purchases such as the overpriced but irresistible Rancor Pit set mandatory for Force-sensitive builders everywhere. The set’s greatest attraction is without doubt its titular Rancor creature, who outdoes even impressive offerings like the Wampa when it comes to detail and playability. The ten-centimetre tall monstrosity has jaws that open and shut, allowing its minifigure-prey to hang limp out of its mouth, and its individually-removable claws can be broken off when it’s lost in the reckless zeal of bloodlust. With a broken shackle hanging from one hand and an ill-fated Gamorrean guard clasped in the other, all this megafigure is missing is the stop-motion slaver that burned Return of the Jedi’s subterranean set piece into the minds of two generations’ moviegoers. The rest of the set’s minifigures really are mini in comparison, but it’s still quite apparent that the Rancor is significantly smaller than it would have been had it been accurately produced to scale. However, as the proud owner of a trilogy-spanning Death Star that has fewer rooms than my house and an open-plan Millennium Falcon that only has room for one in its cockpit, it would be a little churlish of me to grumble too much about issues of sizing – particularly when both the Gamorrean (who’s an exact replica of his colleague thrown in with the Jabba’s Palace set, albeit brandishing a drumstick here instead of an axe) and Malakili are such charming little fellows. I’m especially fond of the latter, as LEGO have captured absolutely the character’s defining hang-dog expression, if not his wobbling rolls of fat. In contrast, the blonde and conservative Luke Skywalker doesn’t really measure up. The bone that he clutches in place of his lost lightsaber is certainly movie-accurate, but it would have been nice to have both, and his reversible head is a complete calamity as his hairpiece doesn’t cover his well-defined dimples – whichever mood you choose to fix him with, the poor lad’s got a chin on the back of his head. The pit itself matches the style of Jabba’s palace, and is fleshed out nicely with some deft flashes of finesse such as oversized keys and even festering skeletons. It’s far flimsier though, with only its gate-holding wall complete and its base and roof absent. For those that own it, the latter can be provided by the main body of the Hutt gangster’s palatial gaffe, which rests nicely upon the four small pyramids that crown the pit, but it’s worth noting that the palace’s tower annex, which can be (and invariably is, in mine’s case) connected to the throne room via a handful of interlocking pieces, cannot be attached so readily, despite what the picture on the back of the box implies. Unless you’ve a load of spare sand, grey and brown-coloured bricks, the best that you can hope for is to nestle the tower in next to the rest of the structure, and hope for the best. Ultimately though, any gripes that I had about this set instantly evaporated the very first time that I sent young Skywalker plummeting through Jabba’s trapdoor into the pit waiting below, and I dare say that if you’re interested enough in this set to have read this review, you won’t begrudge a penny of its RRP.
Date published: 2015-02-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A pitifully good set Although the vehicles and ships represent the essence of Star Wars, it is important to recognize that Star Wars embraces a host of alien species. Ever since the Lego Tauntaun was released, the macrofigures have improved substantially in detail and quality. Similar to the layout of the Hoth Wampa Cave, 75005 embraces a new macrofigure and a new play set. With a unique design, highly detailed figures, and high value, 75005 is an excellent addition to any Star Wars collection. Because the Rancor Pit is nothing like a building and ship, it is up to the designer to envision the shape of the play set. Therefore, 75005 does not accurately delineate every aspect of the rancor pit in the movies. Nevertheless, 75005 has a strong artistic appeal to due the diverse use of coloured bricks; it is clear that the scene is happening underground. What’s more, the strength in 75005’s design is the ability to converge with the Jabba’s Palace set, 9516; this greatly improves the playability of both sets. The ability to combine sets is the primary reason for the success of the modular series. While the clever design will greatly attribute to the 75005’s success, the figures are ultimately the reason why people will purchase the set. Out of the five figures here, Luke, Malakili, and the Rancor are exclusive; the Gamorrean guard is available in 1 expensive set so it is hard to obtain. By being the largest macrofigure, the Rancor has some of the smallest details worth recognizing. Furthermore, the moving jaw and fingers balances the drawback of sessile legs. The Rancor is by far the most functional macrofigure released and will likely retain this reputation throughout the future. Even in the future, 75005 will leave its mark in Lego history and the set will be highly sought after once discontinued. Nevertheless, customers will feel discouraged before they buy 75005 at an opportune time during its run. Because a 380-piece count is extremely low for sets in 75005’s price range, 75005 has a poor price-per-piece ratio. While 75005 has a deficiency in pieces, it has a proficiency in quality and size. Owing to a box size analogous to that of 9493, the larger pieces from 75005 account for an augmented set size. There is definitely a lot of value from 75005. Even though 75005 has many redeeming aspects, it is nonetheless plagued with drawbacks. One notable drawback is that the gate will be restricted when Jabba’s palace is placed above the pit. Another drawback is the lack of playability; the tight space and four pillars restricts the option of playing inside the pit. All in all, the design, figures, and value makes 75005 a better purchase than other sets in its price range..75005 is a unique set that is unlikely to be remade; this outcome alone makes 75005 a worthwhile purchase. Likewise to how a wampa is never seen outside the Hoth Wampa Cave set, the Rancor will likely never be seen outside the Rancor Pit set.
Date published: 2014-08-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Rancor Back with another review. So lets dive in. Starting with the minifigures, Luke has this really weird face. Gamorrean is excellent glad to get another one. Malakilli is cool because of his crying face and cool tool. Skeleton is basic but you can never have to many skeletons. Now to the Rancor. He is amazing and is for sure the best big figure out there. Now onto the set. The set has a hiding function. There is also dropping the gate on the rancor so now onto the final verdict. Overall I give this set an A+
Date published: 2014-08-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from EPIC SET!!!!!!! Awesome set but over priced by a lot ! PROS are the figs and the Rancor !!! The Rancor is just unbelievable Lego did an outstanding job on the mold !!and the Rancor master is cool to see in Lego !! The pit it's self is kind of small and cramped when u try to play with it and the price is to me $20 to much but not a bad set
Date published: 2014-06-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Oh, no! The Rancor! I would like to start this out by saying what an honor it is to buy and how glad I am they finally came out with a Rancor! After all this time, I did not hesitate for one minute. Bummer, I was walking out of the store when I realized how much money I'd just spent. Sixty dollars? LEGO, you guys have got to stay with the rising debt and economy in our falling country, I get it. This is a VERY new, exclusive, rare, fun set with a never-before-seen, highly coveted Star Wars creature in it. I get it! But you've got to get past all that! If you want to keep more customers, then please lower your prices, by just five-ten bucks each set since about 2012! It's not that bad. There's not a single person I know who doesn't agree with me! Anyway, sorry about that message and I hope I didn't just discourage anyone reading this, because this is a great set to get. THE PIT: The real reason why I'm disappointed in the price. I mean, all it is is a pit. It's got four columns going up to evenly connect with bricks on the new Jabba's Palace so you can recreate the whole scene. The biggest feature besides that is the working cage door, so you can unleash the Rancor and then crush him with the pull of a lever! Nothing much else to say about it, worth about twenty-five or thirty on it's own at the max. RANCOR: Awesome! This thing is twice as big as the Hulk or the Wampa and much cooler! He's brown, and has his own mold that gets him looking just right. He's a chain and cuff on one hand, and both hands have grasping fingers to hold minifigures, and his giant mouth can nearly fit a whole figure inside! Coolest thing since the T-Rex in Dino! He is the only reason anyone would pay sixty bucks for this, but I firmly believe that Amazon could sell it for fifteen bucks by itself, which doesn't really add up with the pit to equal that much bread. MINIFIGURES: -Luke Skywalker: We've all seen Mark Hamill in LEGO many times before, and he's no less greater this time. He's got his Episode VI black robes, a green lightsaber (I don't think I ever got to mention that I LOVE how LEGO switched the green in the blades a few years ago), a face with smiling or bared teeth, and sandy hair. Great Jedi, but if you want him only, get the Skiff. It's cheaper. -Gamorrean Guard: Exclusive to this set and the Palace so far. He has a great slide-on mold to have his armor and piglike head. He's armed with an ax and looks ready to go. Too bad he'll get eaten as soon as he falls through the trap door :P. -Maliki: Did I spell that name right? Anyway, my brothers and I always laughed at the movie when the fat, hairy owner came in to cry over the body of his monster pet, so it's an okay figure to have, even if he's virtually useless. He's got a fat belly printed on him, and a brown hood covering a serious or teared up face. He's armed with a clawed stick thingamajig. Funny guy. -Skeleton: Not sure why these were ever counted as minifigures save for the Ninjago stuff?? Just bones. OVERALL: This is a great set and I absolutely LOVE the Rancor. Please don't decide not to get it just because of the whole price ordeal. I've been holding that in a long time and this was the perfect example. If you've got the extra cash, go for it! To some, it may even be worth more than half a hundred, who knows?
Date published: 2014-06-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from releash the rancor this is a awesome set! its not that hard to build at all. rancor is great for big battles. Luke is pretty good he would be better if he had a light-saber bubble sided head is lets get to the rancor keeper. his staff is great bubble sided head is good just like the movie when he that piggy thing has great detail he would be better if he had his last the skeleton great fun to play with. now the set, i say the pit is great to have scenes over and over. now here is my results Luke 8/10 rancor 10/10 skeleton 9/10 and piggy thing 6/10
Date published: 2014-03-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect set :D This dungeon for Jabbas Palace is a wonderful addition :D The Rancor Pit makes playing with Jabbas palance even more fun with the trap door being able to drop minifigs down into the Rancor Pit :D It was sort of random having a care taker for the Rancor because I don't remeber seeing him in movies but I can make use for him :D The Randcor is the biggest minifig I have now and is one of my favorites :D Being able to fit a minifiger inside the mouth of the Rancor is perfect for acting out the part from the movie :D
Date published: 2013-12-21
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