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Kenmore®/MD 7.3 cu. ft. Front Load Gas Dryer - Imperial Silver

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Control Panel Material Plastic
Control type Electronic
Cabinet Silver Sands
Cabinet/Top Finish Painted Steel
Control Panel Silver Sands
Door swing Reversible Side Swing
Drum interior Stainless Steel
Filter Front Mounted
Number of temperature levels 4
Design Features
Convertible to LP Gas Yes-Kit Avail-Sears Parts Dept
Interior light Yes
Product depth (in.) 30.4
Product height (in.) 38.0
Product weight (lb.) 118.7
Product width (in.) 27.0
Operational Features
Misc. Feature(s) Mixed Load Bell
Sound reduction system Better
Venting Options 3 Way
Dryer features
Motor Speed (hp) 1/3 Hp
Power Requirements (V) 120
Drying features
2 Temperature Staged Drying 1 Temperature Plus Cool Down
Adjustable Dryer Option Yes
Auto Drying System Moisture Sensor-Better
Clothes Rack/Bar No
Damp Dry Cycle Yes
Delicates cycle Yes
Dry Rack Heated
Moisture sensor Yes
Number of drying cycles 6
Permanent Press Cycle Yes
Regular/Normal Cycle Yes
Timed Air Yes
Timed Heat Yes
Wrinkle Prevention Cycle Yes
Wrinkle Release Cycle Yes
End-of-cycle indicator Adjustable Volume Switch
Lint filter indicator Yes
Burner (BTU) 22000
Storage features
Capacity (cu. ft.) 7.3
Warranty Information
All - Labour 1 year
All - Parts 1 year
Cabinet(Rust-Through) - Labour 1 year
Cabinet(Rust-Through) - Parts 1 year
Dryer Drum - Labour 1 year
Dryer Drum - Parts 1 year
Control Panel Material
Control type
Type of Controls: Manual Rotary: Turn to the required setting. Manual Push Button: A touch of the button selects the required setting. Manual Tap Touch: A simple touch of the button selects the requ
Cabinet/Top Finish
Cabinet /Top Finish: Porcelain on Steel (top and lid only) - This easy to clean finish resists the harmful effects of laundry chemicals. It is the best finish to have on a washing machine. It provides
Control Panel
Door swing
Drum interior
Number of temperature levels
Number of Temperature Options: These options allow the user to choose the right temperature for selected fabrics:
Convertible to LP Gas
Convertible to LP Gas: Where there is no gas line to hook up to, a conversion kit is provided for models with sealed burners. A kit is not needed for non-sealed burners, as burners can be adjusted individually.
Interior light
Interior Light: On most models, a light comes on automatically when the freezer door is opened.
Product depth (in.)
Product height (in.)
Product weight (lb.)
Product width (in.)
Misc. Feature(s)
Sound reduction system
Sound Reduction System: Insulation buffers the sound of the running dishwasher. There are many grades available. We classify them as : Standard, Good, Better, Best
Venting Options
Venting Options: Recirculating (Interior): The air is cleaned through a charcoal filter and re-circulates in the house. Exterior: The air is vented to the outside of the house.
Motor Speed (hp)
Motor HP: The maximum power generated by the motor.
Power Requirements (V)
2 Temperature Staged Drying
2 Temperature Staged Drying: Designed to reduce heat during the drying process. 1 Temperature Plus Cool Down - Without heat2 Temperature Plus Cool Down - Without heat
Adjustable Dryer Option
Adjustable Dryer Option: Allows the user to select the amount of time clothes will take to dry, with or without heated air.
Auto Drying System
Auto Drying System: This control senses the dryness of the load and automatically shuts off when the selected dryness is reached.Thermostat: Senses the exhaust temperature of the dryer. In an automat
Clothes Rack/Bar
Clothes Rack/Bar: This handy pole-like device is located at the side or at the back of the dryer, and has a bar (or rod) for hanging clothes.
Damp Dry Cycle
Damp Dry Cycle: Provides a period of heated drying, followed by no heat tumbling to leave enough moisture in the load for easier ironing.
Delicates cycle
Delicate Cycle: Automatic cycle with low heat input, ideal for fragile garments and fabrics.
Dry Rack
Dry Rack: This rack fits into the dryer so that items can be laid on top. Perfect for quietly and gently drying sneakers, sweaters, caps and more -- anything that shouldn't be tumbled. Non Heated Rac
Moisture sensor
Number of drying cycles
Permanent Press Cycle
Permanent Press Cycle: A special cool down period at the end of the cycle helps to reduce wrinkles and ironing chores.
Regular/Normal Cycle
Regular/Normal Cycle: The cycle of choice for common laundry loads such as jeans, towels and underwear.
Timed Air
Timed Air: Allows use of the dryer without heated air for selected periods of time, giving all the benefits of hang drying, with shorter drying time. Recommended for articles that won't tolerate heat
Timed Heat
Timed Heat: Heat that is controlled by the timer only, allowing the user to select the amount of time to dry clothes.
Wrinkle Prevention Cycle
Wrinkle Prevention Cycle: Allows the dryer to continue to run (either continuously or intermittently) for a period of time with no heat after completion of the automatic cycle.
Wrinkle Release Cycle
Wrinkle Release Cycle: Smoothes out wrinkles from laundry that is clean and dry but is wrinkled due to storage, being folded, being crammed into an over-crowded closet or jammed into a suitcase.
End-of-cycle indicator
End of Cycle Signal: Either a buzzer or a bell signals when a cycle is complete. No: No warning signalBuilt In (fixed): The machine will automatically signal when a cycle is complete. On/Off Switch
Lint filter indicator
Lint Signal: A very important signal. A warning light or buzzer warns that the filter has to be cleaned.
Burner (BTU)
Burner (BTU's): Shows the location and the BTU's (British Thermal Units) that each burner delivers. The higher the BTU's, the stronger your heat.
Capacity (cu. ft.)
Oven Capacity(Cu./Ft.): Refers to the size of the oven interior. All measurements are in cubic feet.
All - Labour
All - Parts
Cabinet(Rust-Through) - Labour
Cabinet(Rust-Through) - Parts
Dryer Drum - Labour
Dryer Drum - Parts