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Kenmore Elite Built-In Dishwasher - White

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    Kenmore is Canada's #1 Selling Brand of Major Appliance
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: Yes
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    Kenmore is Canada's #1 Selling Brand of Major Appliance
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: Yes

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Cabinet White
Control type Elctrnic Controls&Led Display
Cycle status lights Yes
Cycle features
Auto Temperature Control Yes
China/Crystal Cycle Yes
Drying Options No Heat Only
Econo/Short Cycle Yes
Favourite Cycle Option No
Half Load Cycle No
Normal Cycle Yes
Number of Wash Levels 5 Direct Feed
Number of wash cycles 5
Other Cycle(s) Smart Wash
Other Wash Features TurboClean Option
Pots and Pans Cycle Yes
Rinse Only Cycle No
Rinse Temperature Options None
Soil Sensor Yes
Wash Temperature Options None
Wash system Soil Separator
Control Panel White
Energuide Rating (kWh/Year) 295
Filtration Filter & Glass Trap
Maximum Delay Time (hr.) 0
Reversible Coloured Door Panel(s) None
Rinse-aid dispenser Yes
Tall tub Yes
Tub material Stainless Steel
Design Features
Delay start No
Product depth (in.) 22.44
Product height (in.) 33.83
Product weight (lb.) 94.24
Product width (in.) 23.56
Operational Features
Child Lockout No
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Yes
Sound reduction system Better
Rack features
Fold Down Tines - Lower Rack Fold Down Tines
Lower Rack Type Standard
Racks Coating Nylon
Silverware Basket Jumbo W/Small Items Cover
Storage Accessories - Upper Rack Basket
Upper Rack Adjustability Adjustable & Fold Down Tines
Upper Rack Cup Shelf Fold Down/Flip Up Option
Warranty Information
All - Labour 2 years
All - Parts 2 years
Electronic Controls - Labour 2 years
Electronic Controls - Parts 2 years
Racks - Labour 2 years
Racks - Parts 5 years
Tub/Door Liner - Labour Lifetime
Tub/Door Liner - Parts Lifetime
Wash System - Labour 2 years
Wash System - Parts 2 years
Control type
Type of Controls: Manual Rotary: Turn to the required setting. Manual Push Button: A touch of the button selects the required setting. Manual Tap Touch: A simple touch of the button selects the requ
Cycle status lights
Auto Temperature Control
Automatic Temperature Control (ATC): Maintains the ideal temperature depending on the wash cycle chosen to clean dishes properly. The water is hot enough to dissolve the detergent and provide ultimate cleaning.
China/Crystal Cycle
China/Crystal Cycle: Delicate crystal and glassware is cleaned carefully and gently.
Drying Options
Drying Options: Heat: The bottom element heats up and dries the dishes. No Heat: Dishes dry naturally by convection and no power is used.Fan: The fan removes wet air from the dishwasher. This option
Econo/Short Cycle
Econo/Short Cycle: Use for lightly soiled loads.
Favourite Cycle Option
Favourite Cycle Option: Pre-program the dishwasher to a favourite cycle. When it's time to wash the dishes, press the button and you'll get your favorite cycle every time! This feature is only available on electronic dishwashers.
Half Load Cycle
Half Load Cycle: Fill the top or bottom rack to run a half load.
Normal Cycle
Normal Cycle: This is ideal for a normal, everyday load of dishes.
Number of Wash Levels
Number of Wash Levels: Basic Wash Level: Water is sprayed up from the floor of the dishwasher. Two Level Cleaning: Water is sprayed up from the floor of the dishwasher to both top and bottom racks.
Number of wash cycles
Number of Cycle Options: Refers to the number of pre-programmed wash options available.
Other Cycle(s)
Other Wash Features
Pots and Pans Cycle
Pots and Pans Cycle: Ideal for a very dirty load; say after a party; or for cleaning pots and pans.
Rinse Only Cycle
Rinse Only Cycle: When the dishwasher is not full, but the dishes are heavily soiled, the rinse cycle loosens baked-on food until you're ready to run a full load.
Rinse Temperature Options
Rinse Temperature Option: Can also be adjusted (135 to 140 degrees F. for clean, 160 degrees F. for sanitization), or choose a combination of the two - normal wash, sanitizing rinse.
Soil Sensor
Soil Sensor: The Soil Sensor Wash System works like magic. It can determine just how much water has to be used to get everything - even the most dried-up, the most baked-on, the dirtiest dishes - spar
Wash Temperature Options
Wash Temperature Options: Dishes should be washed at 135 to 140 degrees F. To sanitize them, the temperature can be adjusted to 160 degrees F.
Wash system
Wash System: Soil Separator: Centrifugal force in a soil collection chamber removes solids from the wash water. This is known as active cleaning. Soil Settler: Food and dirt settle in a holding chamb
Control Panel
Energuide Rating (kWh/Year)
EnerGuide Rating (kWh/Year): rating is your guide to energy efficiency. It tells you how energy efficient a particular model is. The label provides information on the amount of kWh per year the model
Filtration: Filters: Used to clean small particles out of the water so debris can be flushed away during draining. Glass Trap: Accidents do happen. And when they do, the Glass Trap goes to work, catc
Maximum Delay Time (hr.)
Maximum Delay Time (Hrs.): A terrific help for busy households. No one wants the laundry machine going when everyone is having morning showers. This handy feature pre-sets the time for the washing mac
Reversible Coloured Door Panel(s)
Reversible Coloured Door Panel(s): Reversible door panels let you choose a colour to compliment your kitchen. Commonly available colours include: Black & White or Black & Bisque or Bisque & White
Rinse-aid dispenser
Rinse Aid Dispenser: A container installed in the door to hold a rinse agent. Rinse agents help dishes dry streak free. When the rinse agent is added to the dispenser, it is automatically dispersed during the wash cycle.
Tall tub
Tall Tub: A tall tub dishwasher provides extra capacity to hold a larger load of place settings
Tub material
Tub Material: Plastic: A durable, reliable and rustproof polypropylene material. Porcelain On Steel: The tub is made of a stain-resistant porcelain on steel.Stainless Steel: A long lasting, stain resistant, rust resistant material.
Delay start
Delay Start - The option to delay the start of the cycle to suit your convenience
Product depth (in.)
Product height (in.)
Product weight (lb.)
Product width (in.)
Child Lockout
Child Lock Out: This electronic lock-out disables the control panel and is designed to keep kids away from operating the oven - and out of danger!
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Appliances become ENERGY STAR qualified products when they meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements, as set out in the Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Regulations; and the prescrib
Sound reduction system
Sound Reduction System: Insulation buffers the sound of the running dishwasher. There are many grades available. We classify them as : Standard, Good, Better, Best
Fold Down Tines - Lower Rack
Fold Down Tines / Clips: These are tines in the racks which fold down to enable you to put larger items - like mixing bowls - in your dishwasher. Fold Down Clips: Keeps lighter items, such as plastic
Lower Rack Type
Racks Coating
Racks Coating: Dishwasher racks are available in two different coatings: vinyl and nylon. Vinyl: A stain-resistant PVC coating covering the dishwasher rack.Nylon: A stain-resistant NYLON coating strong enough to resist cuts.
Silverware Basket
Silverware Basket: There are three styles of basket: Standard, Basic Cutlery Basket, Jumbo Small Items Cover for Cutlery Basket: A cover secures small items, such as a baby bottle nipple, during the
Storage Accessories - Upper Rack
Storage Accessories: Utensil Basket: This is ideal for longer cutlery items such as knives, carving forks, etc. Stem Holders: Keeps wine glasses secure during the wash cycle.No Flip Clips: Plastic c
Upper Rack Adjustability
Upper Rack Cup Shelf
Cup Shelf: A shelf provides additional space for cups. Cup Shelf Flip/Up or Flip/Down: With this version, flip the cup shelf out of the way when it's not needed.
All - Labour
All - Parts
Electronic Controls - Labour
Electronic Controls - Parts
Racks - Labour
Racks - Parts
Tub/Door Liner - Labour
Tub/Door Liner - Parts
Wash System - Labour
Wash System - Parts