Evenflo® Advanced Milk Storage Bags 54ox, 20ct

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We are honored to support you on your breastfeeding journey. For over 30 years, Evenflo Feeding has created and continues to develop products to help you along the way. You may feed challenged at times, but remember you are a strong and capable mommy who can achieve your breastfeeding goals! Good luck to you, mom, as you continue on your amazing adventure of motherhood!Filling your milk storage bag: 1) Wash your hands thoroughly; there is no need to wash milk storage bags prior to use. 2) Remove the tamper-evident seal along the top of the milk storage bag; dispose of torn-off seal immediately and keep out of the reach of children. 3) Place thumbs inside the top of the bag above the zipper and gently pull both sides apart to open the bag. 4) Pour your expressed milk into the bag; do not fill beyond the 5oz/150ml level – your breastmilk will expand when frozen and the additional space at the top of the bag will be necessary to accommodate this expansion. 5) Carefully remove excess air by flattening the part of the bag above the milk and seal the bag by closing the zipper from one side, sliding along the entire zipper to the other side. 6) Run your fingers back across the zipper to ensure a secure seal. 7) Use a pen or permanent marker to record the time and date of expression, name, and volume included on the label area above the zipper; do not write on the filled part of the bag to prevent puncturing the bag. Defrosting your frozen milk: 1) Defrost milk slowly overnight by placing the filled milk storage bag in the refrigerator. Avoid letting milk sit out at room temperature to thaw. For quicker thawing hold sealed bag under running water. Start with cool water and gradually increase the temperature to warm. NEVER thaw the milk in a microwave or boiling water. 2) Your milk may separate from fat – this is normal. With the bag sealed, gently tilt the bag back and forth until the milk is blended; do NOT shake. 3) Transfer into a clean feeding container. Previously frozen milk can be stored up to 24 hours in the refrigerator after it has finished thawing; NEVER refreeze thawed breast milk. Transferring your milk: 1) Ensure your milk is defrosted completely and wash your hands thoroughly. 2) Place thumbs inside the top of the bag above the zipper and gently pull both sides apart to open the bag. 3) Holding the bag by the zipper area on the opposite side of long pour spout, pour your expressed milk into a feeding container. 4) Discard milk storage bag after use; DO NOT REUSE. 5) To heat the milk, place the feeding container with the defrosted milk in a bottle warmer or in a bowl of hot water. NOTE: If baby does not finish all of the milk at first feeding, milk can be refrigerated and offered at next feeding. Do not refreeze thawed milk. Use with adapters: Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bags can be used with any standard neck bag adapter allowing you to pump directly into the bag. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions when using an adapter. Storing your milk: 1) Ensure dual track zipper is completely sealed. 2) Dry the exterior of bag before placing in refrigerator or freezer. 3) Lay bag flat in the refrigerator or freezer; if using the freezer, place in the coldest part of your freezer. Avoid placing in the freezer door where temperature fluctuates more. See the Breast Milk Storage Guidelines chart at www.evenflofeeding.com for storage time limitations. NEVER THAW OR WARM BREAST MILK IN THE MICROWAVE OR IN BOILING WATER. These milk storage bags are intended for one-time use only; NEVER reuse storage bags. Dispose of the bag after use. Keep the milk storage bags out of the reach of children. Thoroughly wash your hands before you fill and empty milk storage bags. The actual amount of milk in the bag may deviate slightly from the level indications on the bag. Never refreeze breast milk or add fresh breast milk to already frozen breast milk.

  • Highly durable military-grade material, wider side seals for enhanced strength
  • 30% less material for quicker freeze and thaw
  • SafeZip dual track zipper keeps precious milk safe and secure
  • Pump directly into bags with adapters (not included)
  • Gusseted bottom for stable upright position
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