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Sunbeam™ Ceramic Heater

Sunbeam™ Ceramic Heater

1 review

  • Extremely compact, this ceramic heater puts out a lot of heat for its size. Comfort control thermostat plus high and low heat settings let you set the heat to your desired level.

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Sunbeam™ Designer Simply Smarter CoolMist Console Humidifier (SCM3755-CN)

Sunbeam™ Designer Simply Smarter CoolMist Con...sole Humidifier (SCM3755-CN)

7 reviews

  • A totally redesigned, highly efficient, patent pending system. Provide humidification to 2000 sq. ft.. The unit's slim profile design fits perfectly in hallways to provide cool mist to your whole house. It's so easy to maintain! Tanks are light and easy to fill in the sink, and the filter is easy to access and change.

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Sunbeam™ Water Treatment Tablet

Sunbeam™ Water Treatment Tablet

  • Hard water can cause mineral build up, affecting performance and shortening the life of your humidifier. Water Treatment Tablets prevent the build-up of lime, calcium and iron, ensuring optimal performance and extending the life of your product. These tablets are a simple way to prevent unpleasant odors ad slime build up, making clean up quick and easy.

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