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HELLO KITTY™ Hand Vacuum

HELLO KITTY™ Hand Vacuum

5 reviews

  • Great for getting little ones to tidy up after themselves. Ideal for cleaning up little messes in play spaces and bedrooms.

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Kenmore /MD Replacement Carbon Pre-filter Blanket

Kenmore /MD Replacement Carbon Pre-filter Bla...nket

  • replacement every 3-6 months is recommended

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Black & Decker Steam Iron with Classic Aluminum Soleplate

Black & Decker Steam Iron with Classic Soleplate

2 reviews

  • With a classic design and a wide range of convenient features, The Classic™ iron brings simplicity and style back to ironing. A SmarTemp™ indicator light ensures you're ironing at the right temperature, while the 3-way auto shutoff provides added security and peace of mind.

clearance-save 40%$23.94

MASTRAD™ Chip-making Kit for Microwave

MASTRAD™ Chip-making Kit for Microwave

2 reviews

  • Patented ConnectWave technology for crispy, tasty, fat-free chips with no oil. As easy as 1-2-3 Slice, Set, Cook!

Further Reduced -save 40%$13.94