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Kenmore /MD Replacement Carbon Pre-filter Blanket

Kenmore /MD Replacement Carbon Pre-filter Bla...nket

  • replacement every 3-6 months is recommended


Hunter™ Carbon Pre Filter for QuietFlo Air Purifier

Hunter™ Carbon Pre Filter for QuietFlo Air Pu...rifier

  • Carbon Pre Filter for Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifier

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Sunbeam™ Water Treatment Tablet

Sunbeam™ Water Treatment Tablet

  • Hard water can cause mineral build up, affecting performance and shortening the life of your humidifier. Water Treatment Tablets prevent the build-up of lime, calcium and iron, ensuring optimal performance and extending the life of your product. These tablets are a simple way to prevent unpleasant odors ad slime build up, making clean up quick and easy.

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Sunbeam™ Ceramic Heater

Sunbeam™ Ceramic Heater

1 review

  • Extremely compact, this ceramic heater puts out a lot of heat for its size. Comfort control thermostat plus high and low heat settings let you set the heat to your desired level.

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