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WWE WWE Backstage Brawl Playset

WWE WWE Backstage Brawl Playset

  • Let's get ready to rumble! This Backstage Brawl Playset will have your kids throwing down with their favourite wrestling superstars where the mayhem really happens behind the scenes! Features four customizable fight zones, breakable furniture and more!

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'Heliquad 2.4' Radio-Controlled Flying Helicopter

'Heliquad 2.4' Radio-Controlled Flying Helico...pter

  • Keep them busy having hours of fun with this high-flying 'Heliquad 2.4' vehicle. Comes with a controller and 4-motor drive for fast-paced action.

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Furby Boom™ Plush Toy Pets

Furby Boom™ Plush Toy Pets

3 reviews

  • A new generation is hatching! Kids (and their parents) will discover a whole new way to play with the Furby Boom pets.

    WEBCODE: W- 1688091

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LeapFrog™ LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet

LeapFrog™ LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet

13 reviews

  • Features limitless learning and play for your child. With 4GB memory and loads of exciting features this kid-tough tablet is designed just for kids! It can take pictures with front-and-back cameras. Kids can play, draw and write on the 5'' touch screen with the included stylus. Plus parents can go on line for more playtime learning tools.

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Hot Wheels Carcade™ Action Set

Hot Wheels Carcade™ Action Set

9 reviews

  • Kids can use their racing and launching skills in this action-packed carcade. They just have to shoot the cars like pinballs and hit the blinking targets in time to record the best score.Top score gets them to the winner's circle!

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Playset

Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Pla...yset

25 reviews

  • Imagine a world of action and excitement where you decide what happens next! This time, it's a world of Medieval adventure, with a Castle that recognizes and responds to different accessories!

    Get ready for battle! Turn figure on different disks to activate defense mode. Talons lock the gate, shutters barricade the windows and the eagle's head is revealed and ready to fire at the enemy!

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'Neptune' Radio-Controlled Flying Helicopter

'Neptune' Radio-Controlled Flying Helicopter

  • This whirly bird features infra-red technology and a USB charging wire to provide hours of high-flying fun. Radio control with 3-channels provides awesome maneuverability.

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'Disruptorz Firelop Frenzy' 61-Piece Electric Powered Race Set

'Disruptorz Firelop Frenzy' 61-Piece Electric... Powered Race Set

2 reviews

  • The race is on! Children can run it the way they want by going head to head against their archenemy, a drone or both at once.

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