• $18.00
    • Formule non parfumée
    • Application facile
    • Couleurs à mélanger pour créer votre propre nuance
    • S’applique facilement
    • Formule sans : parabènes, parfums synthétiques
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    • Crayon double usage permettant d’estomper la couleur
    • Couleur riche et intense
    • 1.2 g
    • Grand choix de teintes
  • En stock

    • Rich texture glides onto lips effortlessly for precise application
    • Waterproof formula ensures no fading or smudging around edge of mouth
    • 1.2 g
    • Formulated with healing and soothing properties to feel comfortable on your lips all day
    • Designed to deliver a sure contour that defines the lip contour expertly
  • $25.00
    • No Bleeding Lips secret lip liner stops lipstick and lip gloss from bleeding and feathering, creates a sheer defined lip shape
    • Set of 2 includes No Bleeding Lips Colourless Lip Liner and No Thin Lips And Colourless Lip Plumper
    • You get both the lip liner and lip plumper in this boxed set
    • No Thin Lips Lip Plumper keeps lips looking fuller, moisturized and hydrated, has a gentle tingling sensation and, with Aloe oil and Vitamin E, can be applied as often as you desire
  • $44.00
    • A complex of jojoba, black acacia and sunflower waxes nourishes the skin to leave it feeling comfortable
    • Your inch - all-in-one inch - make-up tool for eyes and lips
    • Tip: use the brown shade to fill in eyebrows or draw freckles
    • Natural beige lines lip contours and prevents lipstick from bleeding
    • How to use: Three shades line and define eyes: black-brown-indigo blue
  • $15.00
    • Complements any shade of lipstick or gloss
    • Stops lipstick & lip gloss to bleed
    • 0.25 g
    • Free of: mineral oil, gluten, paraffin, preservatives & animal-derived ingredients
    • Stops feathering
  • En stock

    Lip Pencil
    Lip Pencil
    • Promotes longer-wearing lipstick, prevents colour bleeding
    • Non-drying, leaves lips soft and comfortable
    • Dermatologist-tested
    • Jojoba Oil-enriched formula glides on flawlessly—defining lip contours with a barely-there effect