Eye brushes & applicators
  • $5.00
    • Sharpens lip and eye pencils
  • $27.00
    • Unique antibacterial technology helps ensure the highest level of hygiene
    • Ideal for powder or gel liner formulas
  • Sharpener
    Lise Watier
  • $16.00
    • Featured a pointed silicone head
    • An eyeshadow brush designed especially for glitter eyeshadows
    • Tip: Use with Lise Watiers Duo Shadow & Glitter
    • Directions: Use the pointed silicone tip to apply glitter powder close to the eye line for a sparkling look
    • Perfect for applying glitter precisely and directly over eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow Brush
    Lise Watier
    • Thick and wide head for easy application and blending
    • This eyeshadow brush is the perfect tool for applying and blending eye make-up
    • Directions: Use to apply colour over the eyelid up to the eyebrow
    • Brush is ideal for applying colour on entire lid or to naturally enhance the eyelid crease
    • Medium length bristles are soft and smooth
  • Eyeliner Brush
    Lise Watier
  • $22.00
    • Double applicators give you two great brushes in one
    • A multi-purpose eyeshadow brush
    • Sponge tip can be replaced (replacements not included)
    • For a more opaque effect or to blend pencils, just use the soft and durable sponge tip
    • Use the brushs tip to apply powder eyeshadows or blend colours
  • Definition Brush
    Lise Watier
    • Supple bristles pick up perfect amount of pigment
    • Works to give more shape, contour, and definition to your eyes
    • Works well with all powder shadows
    • Fine tip easily defines eyelid crease in one simple step by making an arc-shaped line
    • Varied bristle length designed to blend shadows beautifully
  • Blending Brush
    Lise Watier
    • Perfect for creating a beautiful, natural eye make-up look
    • This brush was designed to blend and tone down eyeshadows and powders
    • Directions: Use to blend a shadow on the eyelid and in the crease of the lid
    • The brush can also be used to apply creamy eyeshadows or light powder shades on the entire eyelid surface
    • Ultra-soft and smooth brush tip
  • Structure Brush
    Lise Watier