Wii u
  • $54.99
    • Silicone case: High quality silicon sleeve for the Wii U GamePad for protection and added grip
    • 1 year manafacturer warranty
    • Gaming headset with built-in microphone: Allows you to chat online and still have great sound to listen to music and movies
    • Dimensions: 4 inch - L x 8.75 inch - W x 9.5 inch - H
    • 2 large styluses: Adds comfort and accuracy to gaming
    • 2 screen protectors: Protects screen from scratches with no loss of sensitivity
    • Wrist strap: Replaces Wii wrist strap for added protection
    • Cleaning cloth: Micro-fiber cloth to clear dirt and oil from Wii U GamePad and Wii remotes
    • Online Only