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Training dvds
Training dvds
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    $99.99 $39.95
    $99.99 $39.95
    • RUSHFIT sets a pace and an intensity level that’s higher than you ever thought possible
    • 7 programs on 6 DVDs
    • English only
    • No matter what your fitness level, working out 45 minutes a day will help you perform, feel and look better than ever
    • Designed to burn calories and simulate the intensity Georges St. Pierre faces in a fight
    • A high-intensity, MMA-conditioning program, presented by Georges St. Pierre and his trainer Erik Owens
  • $69.99
    • P90X Plus adds 5 workout days to your original P90X that will keep you motivated and get you in better shape than you have ever been
    • English only
    • Advanced program for P90X™ graduates
    • Downloadable worksheets
    • Includes fitness guide with customizable workout schedules
    • 5 new workout programs on 4 DVDs
    • A monster upper body workout will defy the plateau phenomenon by blasting all the muscles from the hips on up chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders
    • Propels your heart rate up and down with 3 speeds - recovery, medium, and full-out, creating more dramatic change in the shortest period of time
  • $69.95
    • Exercise training techniques on 12 DVDs help tone and sculpt the body, featuring targeted training for lean muscle development and a supercharged metabolism
    • Designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days
    • 5-50 lb. resistance tubes and power gym recommended for use with this product
    • English only
    • Fitness manual, plus nutritional program
  • $44.95
    • Work all your muscles from every possible angle through a crushing, non-stop series of sports drills
    • Train the way the world’s top athletes do, with a cutting-edge sports performance technique called the Athletic Matrix
    • The Athletic Matrix turns your living room into an elite, sports training camp
    • Set includes: 6 Workout DVD’s, 1 Agility Ladder, 1 Speed Rope, Guide Playbook, Get Shredded 14-Day Meal Plan, Workout Calendar
    • Heart-pounding workout will transform the way your body looks and works as you gain explosive power, speed, and agility