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Sewing Machines
  • (2)



    • 5 mm stitch width
    • Snap-on foot fixing
    • 14 stitch functions
    • Thread cutter
    • Built-in sewing light
    • Vertical bobbin
    • 4-step built-in buttonholer
    • 4 mm stitch length
    • Carry handle
  • $229.99


    • 1-step buttonholer
    • Threading system , built-in sewing light
    • 17 built-in stitches and 58 stitch functions
    • Vertical bobbin , slit take-up lever threading system
    • 7 presser feet including: zigzag, satin stitch, buttonhole, hemmer, zipper foot and darning and buttonsewing feet
    • 5 mm stitch width , 4 mm stitch length
    • Hard storage cover
    • Snap-on foot fixing system , carry handle
    • Drop feed, thread cutter, 1-step buttonholer
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    • Decorative stitching
    • Built-in on/off switch
    • Cutting width adjustment up to 7.3 mm
    • Overedging
    • Pin tucking
    • Picot edging and narrow hemming
    • Rolled hemming stitches
    • Differential feed
    • Bilingual instructional video, English only
  • $699.99


    • Decorative stitching
    • Built-in on/off switch
    • Cutting width adjustment
    • Overedging
    • Pin tucking
    • Picot edging and narrow hemming
    • Rolled hemming stitches
    • Differential feed
    • Bilingual instructional video
  • $299.99


    • Versatile: Transition from garment sewing to quilting projects to heirloom sewing easily
    • Top Drop-In Bobbin System, 3-Piece Feed Dog System, Drop Feed, Carry Handle, 860 stitches per minute
    • Only at Sears! This Kenmore easy-to-use sewing machine is versatile and built to last
    • Free Arm, Reverse Lever, Adjustable Thread Tension, Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
    • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width allows you to customize your settings
    • One Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole for perfect uniform buttonholes every time
    • 64 Stitch Functions: 31 Garment Construction, 12 Home Décor, 11 Heirloom, 10 Quilting
    • Included Presser Feet: ZigZag Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Zipper Foot, Automatic Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Overedge Foot, Blind Hem Foot
    • Built to Last: Sturdy Die Cast Aluminum Frame with a 25 Year Limited Warranty stands up to every task
    • 7 Snap-On Presser Feet, Hard Cover, and other essential accessories included
  • $599.99


    • Versatile: Transition from garment sewing to quilting projects to heirloom sewing easily
    • Top Drop-In Bobbin System, 7-Piece Feed Dog System, Drop Feed, Carry Handle, Memory Function stores your settings
    • Only at Sears! This Kenmore computerized sewing machine is versatile and built to last, with advanced features and custom control
    • Free Arm, Reverse Lever, Adjustable Thread Tension, Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
    • Automatic Stitch Length and Width choose optimal settings, but you can override for complete customization
    • Custom Control: 100 built-in stitches with hundreds of stitch functions: 27 Fashion and Basic, 18 Quilting, 27 Heirloom, 28 Home Décor
    • Advanced Convenience: Built-In Needle Threader, 7 Buttonholes Styles, LCD Screen, Computerized Needle Up/Down, Start/Stop Button and Lock Stitch Button
    • Included Presser Feet: Even Feed Foot, Quarter Inch Seam Guide Foot, General Purpose Foot (on machine), Zipper Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Automatic Buttonhole Foot
    • Built to Last: Sturdy Die Cast Aluminum Frame with a 25 Year Limited Warranty stands up to every task
    • 6 Snap-On Presser Feet, Hard Cover, Extension Table, Pin Cushion, and other essential accessories included
  • $199.99


    • 4-step buttonholer
    • Stitch Length: 4mm; Stitch Width: 5mm
    • 12 built-in stitches and 54 stitch functions. Pattern display
    • Automatic clutch bobbin winding
    • Reverse function; 360° selection dial
    • Thread cutter and carrying handle
    • Built-in sewing light
    • 19 x 9 x 14 inch - ; Weighs 17lbs
    • Horizontal bobbin
    • Twin needle capability


    $799.94 CLEARANCE


    $799.94 CLEARANCE

    • 1-step buttonholer with 7 styles
    • Thread cutter; Carrying handle
    • 606 built-in stitches and 766 stitch functions; 194 utility/stretch/decorative stitches
    • Includes Bobbins, Screwdriver, Lint brush, Needle set, Seam ripper/buttonhole opener, Large and small spool holders, Spool stand, spool pin, Quilter, Twin needle, Spool pin felt, Hard cover
    • Pattern and information display
    • Electronic speed control lever, Twin needle capability, Adjustable presser foot pressure, Storage cover
    • Zigzag Foot, Overedge foot, Zipper foot, Satin stitch foot, Blind hem foot, Automatic buttonhole foot, Overcase foot, Embroidery foot
    • 19¾ x 11¼ x 17¼ inch - ; Weighs 24 lbs
    • 7 mm stitch width; 5 mm stitch length
    • Computerized unit features a long-lasting built-in LED sewing light

Buy Sewing Machines Online or in Stores, Canada Wide.

When you need to find a good sewing machine online, it is important to visit local retailers that can keep up with your needs. Sears is one of the most widely renowned and recommended online sewing machine store options available for all types of shoppers. Individuals can visit to find the best sewing machine for their needs and look through all types of top sewing machine options for a reliable purchase that can last them as long as they need. Those who are on a strict budget can adjust the search bar to look for a cheap sewing machine, or look through the most popular options to find a trendy sewing machine that is capable of keeping up with a heavier workload. When you shop sewing machine options online, you can buy sewing machine products that according to your exact specifications. Use the helpful website to compare sewing machine selections and find the right sewing machine for sale. While shopping with the website, you can also use the handy search functions to find various sewing machine reviews. Use this when you shop for a good sewing machine online, and always be mindful of sewing machine brands in order to make the best purchase.

Types of Sewing Machines

Electronic Sewing Machines

An electronic sewing machine is a computerised sewing machine system that allows users to input a broad variety of different commands into the machine itself. It can do all of the tasks that a standard mechanical sewing machine can do, but it also comes with programmable options and automatic features that make it easy for users to change up their routine. It is particularly recommended for those who use their machines frequently and need to simplify a task that they often perform.

Computerised Sewing Machines

Like an electronic sewing machine, computerised sewing machines are often more advanced and come with more features for easy use and programming. The most advanced models allow users to customize all types of sewing routines and configurations, making mass-producing projects all the more accessible and easy to work with. Because these sewing machines tend to be more specialized, they are not always recommended for beginners, though they can be ideal for those who already have a larger project in mind.

Overlocker Machines

These machines, as the name implies, specialize in helping users create accurate and durable overlock stitching. These stitch systems are designed to sew over the edges of one or more pieces of cloth in order to create a hemming, seaming or edging system. The overlock sewing machine usually cuts the edges of the placed cloths as they are fed, so a steady hand will be necessary to make sure that the best visible results are attained. These machines may be computerised as well.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

While computerized sewing machines are designed to automate processes, and electronic sewing machines are meant to be a hybrid, mechanicals sewing machines exist on the other end of the sewing machine spectrum. These devices operate on a mechanical basis. They come with various knobs and dials available on the side of the interface to provide users with a physical way to adjust the settings and keep the machine functioning as desired to keep up with whatever process requires the user’s attention.

Manual Sewing Machines

A manual sewing machine is the most basic type of sewing machine available. Because it does not contain too many additional feature or computerised functions, this machine is designed as a bare-bones option for those who know what they need a machine for and are capable of making the small changes to the cloth themselves. These machines can come in all shapes and sizes, and they rarely need to be prepared for a specialty project because of how versatile they are.

Sewing Machines by Function

Lockstitch Machine

A lockstitch is a type of stitch created by a sewing machine, and it is renowned for its versatility and easy functionality. It is the most common type of mechanical stitch available, and it can be made as a standard setting on all types of basic and advanced single needle stitching machines.

Overedging Machine

An overedging machine specializes in providing users with a basic overedging stitch, which may also be known as an overlocking stitch. This type of stitch works on the edge of one or more cloths in order to provide individuals with an easy way to create all types of hemming, edging or seaming.

Embroidery Machine

This type of machine relies on a smaller and more careful degree of stitching in order to provide individuals with all types of embroidery options for their clothes. Because of how personalized such additions are, these machines are available in all types of shapes and sizes to better suit the individual’s needs.

Button Holler Machine

As the name implies, this type of machine is designed to provide users with an easy way to create a button hole in all types of clothes and finished fabrics. The nature of the machine makes it ideal for those who would like to bypass the hassle of creating button holes by hand.

Button Attachment Machine

Once the button holes are established, this type of machine makes it easy for individuals to attach buttons through the corresponding opposite cloth. This machine does not always come as a single unit, and individuals who would like a multi-function system can work with a machine that already features a button attachment system.

Double Needle Machine

This type of machine is more advanced, though it can provide individuals with more functionality if they are interested in using the double needle configuration. This configuration allows the stitching to be much stronger, reducing the risk of all types of wear problems in the short- and long-term life of the fabric.

Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

A bar tacking sewing machine is designed to simplify the bar tacking process, which helps provide the cloth with additional reinforcement against all types of damage. When they are sewn by a machine, they typically use zigzag stitches to create better resistance and hold the key parts of the cloth together.

Finding a good brand of sewing machine is also crucial in finalizing your purchase and choosing a system that will suit you for as long as you need. Some of the best brands available include the Pfaff sewing machine and the Singer sewing machine. A specialized embroidery machine can be necessary for those who need to take care of specific functions. A good Janome sewing machine, Husqvarna sewing machine or Kenmore sewing machine can be invaluable in the right situation as well. Individuals in need of sewing machine repair or Singer sewing machine repair can check out the selection of parts on the website to find the best sewing machine brands. A Brother computerized sewing machine or vintage Singer sewing machine can be right for those who want a more personalized approach as well. A Singer sewing machine manual is available at the right sewing machine store for those searching for an embroidery machine for sale. Other products include a sewing machine table, general sewing machine parts and even a baby lock sewing machine as required. Choose a dressmaker sewing machine with a Necchi sewing machine when you need a reliable sewing machine service. If you are looking for a computerized sewing machine with a sewing machine pedal, you can also check out Serger for a good Serger machine to suit your needs.