• $79.99


    • Fan heater
    • For medium room size
    • Heat or fan only setting for year round continuous use
    • Easy to adjust digital controls will help maintain your desired comfort level
    • 2 heat settings
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Oscillation feature evenly distributes heat in the room
    • 12 hour timer
    • Built in safety features: Tip-over, Overheat, Manual user reset, Cool touch plastic housing, Auto shut-off
  • $129.99


    • On/off indicator light, remote control, thermal fuse protector, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps, 120 volts
    • Carry handle, indoor use only, tower model, 1-year warranty, 10 3/4 inch - w. x 10 1/2 inch - d. x 27 inch - h.
    • Overheat protection, removable, washable dust filter
    • Ceramic heating element, automatic thermostat, variable heat settings for added comfort, motor-driven oscillation
    • 3 power settings, freeze guard feature, electronic tip-over switch turns the heaters off should they accidentally fall over, quiet operation
  • $99.99


    • 3 heat settings
    • 13.78 inch - L x 11.02 inch - W x 25.20 inch - H
    • Manual control
    • Assembly required
    • Casters included
    • Safety overheat protection
    • Safety tip-over switch
    • Silent operation
  • $39.99

  • $389.99


    • Remote control
    • 12.5 amp; casters
    • Operates with or without heat
    • On-off light
    • Cool touch cabinet
    • Thermostat automatically controls room temperature; 5200 BTUs
    • 20 inch - w. x 15 inch - l. x 22 inch - h.
    • Premium cherry finish
    • 20 inch - insert, auto timer shut off
  • $69.99


    • Digital clock and timer
    • Safety features: overheat, manual user reset, auto- shut off
    • 2 heats settings
    • 11.18 inch - h x 6.81 inch - w x 8.64 inch - d
    • 1 year warranty
    • Covers up to 200 sq. ft.
    • 1200 watt max
    • Digital LED controls and thermostat


    $59.94 CLEARANCE


    $59.94 CLEARANCE

    • Easy to adjust manual controls
    • Coverage up to 400 sq ft
    • Safety features: tip-over, overheat, manual user reset
    • 2 heat settings: 1500 W max
    • Rugged construction with durable housing for worry-free use in workshops
    Fan Heater


    $24.95 CLEARANCE


    $24.95 CLEARANCE

    • 1-Touch® controls let you change temperature settings with the touch of one button
    • 7.0 inch - w.x 4.75 inch - l.x 10.50 inch - h.
    • Digital thermostat
    • 2 heat settings – 1200 watt max
    • Digital Fan Heater
    • Safety Features: Overheat, Manual user reset, Cool touch plastic housing, Auto shut-off


    $79.94 CLEARANCE


    $79.94 CLEARANCE

    • Digital control LED display
    • Assembly required
    • 15hr Timer
    • Safety overheat protection
    • Safety tip-over switch
    • Oscillation
    • 2 heat settings
    • 7.36 inch - L x 7.71 inch - W x 24.21 inch - H


    $49.94 CLEARANCE


    $49.94 CLEARANCE



    $39.94 CLEARANCE

  • $9.97

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Fuel burning space heaters

Fuel burning space heaters are among the most common varieties available. These space heaters, like the name suggests, work by burning through fuel in order to heat the desired space. They need an exhaust vent to prevent waste materials from building up, and they tend to be large to heat a bigger space.

Radiative space heaters

Radiative space heaters, also called radiators, are space heaters that work through convective heating in order to heat up the room. They are often portable and easy to wheel around to different sections of the room in order to provide individuals with a better degree of heating in any room.

Convective space heaters

Convective space heaters are slightly smaller models that are just as portable as larger radiative space heaters. These types of heaters can be invaluable for individuals who are on the go and need a quick heating system that they can set up in all types of rooms, such as in a hotel.

Filler space heaters

Filler space heaters are heaters that work with oil systems in order to provide individuals with faster and more efficient heating. Because of how these heaters work, they can provide individuals with a better way to heat larger areas while maintaining a more extensive degree of portability in different rooms.


Steam heaters

Steam heaters are a powerful type of radiator space heater that is designed to hook up to a heating system in a building. Because of how these systems work, they are often adjustable but not portable, which means that individuals will only be able to warm up a specific room at a time.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters, similarly, are heating systems built into the apartment or home unit, though they work with electricity instead of steam to provide individuals with heating. These systems are often convection based and they may use different types of fuel depending on the model itself, resulting in a more efficient type of heating.

Oil filled space heaters

Oil filled space heaters, as the name implies, are systems that work with oil exclusively in order to provide the home with more heat. Because of how large these systems tend to be, individuals may need a versatile thermostat option in order to keep their rooms heated efficiently to prevent energy loss.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters work with an HVAC system to send hot air from the outside and into the home. They are typically controlled by a thermostat, and they are often connected to a cooling system as well, which can provide individuals with an even stronger degree of versatility in controlling the system.


Wall mounted heaters

Wall mounted heaters are typically attached to a section of a wall in order to provide individuals with a number of immediate heating benefits. Individuals can look forward to a broad variety of benefits through the use of such heater systems, resulting in a more widespread room heating system.

Tabletop heating systems

Tabletop heating systems work because of their portable easy-of-access. Individuals can simply set them on top of a table and have them function exactly as desired. Because they are smaller, they are usually not designed for use in a larger room or home, but they can be great for quickly heating a small area.

Freestanding heater systems

Freestanding heater systems are like many other portable systems and they are designed to stand in a section of the room to provide ambient heat for the rest of the environment. It is ideal for those who have a larger room or studio apartment and want to keep it relatively well-heated.

Portable heaters

Portable heaters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be smaller for use on a tabletop or larger for semi-permanent placement in a room or apartment. Because of their size, they are usually not great for a larger home, but they can be perfect for smaller arrangements and keeping a smaller room or area warmer.

When purchasing new electric heaters, it is important to keep the features in mind. Some factors to consider before shopping include the heater’s safety features and ease-of-use. A good thermostat may come with a timer option, and adjustable louvers can allow individuals to change up the direction of the heat flow. Larger systems should also be installed and arranged in a way that does not interfere with its function. The right compatibility with furniture is crucial for the functioning of the heater. Infrared heaters are an advanced option, much like shopping for a kerosene heater or dimplex heater. Those who want a specialized portable option can find a space heater, garage heater or one that works with a heat pump. A propane heater can work for smaller homes, but larger configurations are great with standard baseboard heaters or electric baseboard heaters. Get a portable heater when looking for heaters on sale, and make sure the electric radiators have a good heating coil. The right duct heater, forced air heating and water heating systems can be invaluable. Use convection heaters and find hot water tanks for sale for the most efficient space heater. Get a wall mounted heater, floor heater or electric radiant heaters as necessary.

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