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Why register with Sears?
The Best Brands

Sears has the brands you want in your dream kitchen, nursery and more. From linens to luxury appliances, from strollers to cute little socks... we've got everything you need for your new life together.

Register for travel

Not everyone needs more stuff. You can register for travel or gift cards and ask your friends and family to contribute toward the experience or large gift you really want.

Get everything you wanted

Purchase anything left on your registry at discounted prices for a full year after your event date.
Learn more about Wedding Registry top up and Baby Registry top up programs.

Convenient shipping and returns

Choose to have items shipped directly to you or have all your items sent to a store for a convenient one-stop pick up. Get too many? That's okay -- it's always free to return items to Sears.

Offers and Bonuses
Have your cake and eat it too: Register for a KitchenAid® standmixer and 3 other KitchenAid® small electric appliances or attachments and you'll get a free cookbook. Receive a free 16-piece KitchenAid® Knife Block Set when you receive your registered KitchenAid® items.
Capture special moments

Celebrate your newest addition with a memorable portrait from Sears Portrait Studio. Print your exclusive offer from Sears Portrait Studio and book an appointment today.

Play the waiting game

Guess your baby's due date correctly and you could win the value of your Sears Baby registry. *some conditions apply

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Don't miss a thing

Create your dream wedding registry with our comprehensive wedding registry checklist that outlines everything you'll need.

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Everything you need - big and small

Our Sears baby registry checklist has all the essential items needed for a complete registry.

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Registry FAQs
  • Can I find a person’s registry if I don’t know the exact spelling of their name?
  • Yes, the system allows you to search for a registry using at least the first 2 letters of the registrant’s last name and at least the first letter of the first name. For example, entering ‘MACI’ for last name and ‘J’ will bring up registries for Judy MacIsaac, Judie MacIssac, Judith MacIntyre, Jude Macintosh etc...
  • Why don’t all items on the gift list have the ‘Buy Now’ option/link?
  • Items that are listed as ‘Ret’ can only be purchased at a Sears retail store and will not have the ‘Buy Now’ option.
  • Items that are listed as ‘Cat’ can be purchased over the internet on and will have the ‘Buy Now’ option. These items can also be ordered through catalogue by calling 1-800-211-2111.
  • Items that are listed as ‘Both’ can be purchased over the Internet on, at a Sears retail store, or can be ordered through catalogue.
  • Can I have a gift shipped directly to the registrant?
  • Yes, as long as you are able to provide the complete address of where you want the gift to be delivered.
  • How do I make a gift registry purchase on the internet?
  • Gift registry purchases can be made on the internet as long as the item(s) that you are purchasing are available in catalogue, indicated by the C (for catalogue) or B (for both catalogue and retail) on the gift list. For assistance, call 1-800-211-2111.
  • To make a gift registry purchase on the internet, you will be prompted to enter the 12-digit gift registry number. The gift registry number can be found in the top right corner of the gift list.
  • Please note that Retail items can only be purchased at a Sears Retail Store and are not available for purchase on the internet.
  • Why does the price on the gift list sometimes not match the selling price?
  • The item prices on a gift list are the regular prices. The customer will be charged the current price at the time of purchase. Due to promotions, there may be occasions when the selling price is lower than the regular price that is shown on the gift list.


Our Gift Registry system will be unavailable for 24 hours while we upgrade our systems. Please check back tomorrow to see what’s new.