Sears Canada Charitable Foundation

Making a difference in the lives of children struggling with cancer is our passion. We’re committed to raising awareness and providing funds for research and treatment so that we can make childhood cancers a thing of the past.

We are working with children’s oncology centres and organizations such as:

  • The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)
  • Operation Enfant Soleil (Quebec City)
  • BC Children’s Hospital (Vancouver)
  • IWK Health Centre (Halifax)
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital (Edmonton)
  • Janeway Hospital (St. John’s)
  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa)
Why donate?

Cancer is the most common cause of non-accidental death in Canada’s children beyond the newborn period.

While the causes of adult cancers include environmental, occupational and lifestyle factors, including diet, alcohol and smoking, the causes of childhood cancers are, in most cases, unknown.

The types of cancers that occur in children vary greatly from those seen in adults. They tend to occur in different parts of the body, they look different under the microscope and they respond differently to treatment. More research is needed.

In the early 1950s, less than 10 percent of childhood cancer patients could be cured. Today, more than 70 percent of children diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors and the majority of them are considered cured. However, the long-term effects of cancer treatments such as blindness, brain damage and ongoing learning and emotional disabilities can affect these children’s futures in a profound way. Long-term support programs are in vital need.

Did You Know?

In 2010, Sears Canada Charitable Foundation made a multi-year, $5 million commitment to fight childhood cancer. Sears has since enabled the completion of the Sears Cancer Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) - a state-of-the-art cancer clinic in Toronto that sees 25 per cent of all new cases of pediatric cancer in Canada and 60 per cent of all cases in Ontario. Funding continues to support the Sears Childhood Cancer Fellowship at Sick Kids. SickKids provides a full range of treatments for children requiring the most complex cancer treatments: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, bone marrow transplantation and palliative care.

Children and families across Canada continue to benefit from the generosity of the Sears Canada Charitable Foundation and its thousands of donors, through events and initiatives facilitated by Sears Canada, its associates and facilities. Sears contributions to childhood cancer care programs and research at both Sick Kids and also at regional oncology centres are helping to make cancer treatments safer, minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and supporting families through programs that provide the absolute best care for children.

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