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Your bathroom

  • Bath towels made from organic cotton or bamboo.
  • A showerhead that maintains pressure, but reduces water waste.
  • A PVC-free shower curtain made of 100% PEVA.
  • Accessories made from fast-growing renewable bamboo.
  • Dual-flush, low-flow, or composting toilets that use less water

The brightest bath

A green bathroom can deliver all the pampering of your favourite spa. Enjoy soothing showers, while sending less down the drain, with a water-conserving showerhead. Use a PVC-free shower curtain that won’t give off harmful toxins, like traditional PVC can. Wrap yourself in luxuriously plush towels made from organic cotton. Now that’s what we call a squeaky-clean bathroom!


Eco-friendly essentials

Santerra Green X10 Waterless Composting Toilet NE white

Santerra Green X10 Waterless Composting Toile...t NE white

  • Santerra Green X Series Composting Toilet Systems are popular ''all-in-one'' units that can go almost anywhere. Converts waste to compost. Emptied as little as once or twice a year. Completely waterless and odour-free. Installs easily as environment-friendly and economical alternative to septic or traditional plumbing. Ideal for bathrooms that have little or no space below for a remote (separate) composting unit because the entire unit sits on the bathroom floor. Systems come in a choice of colour. Non-Electric models feature a powerful Wind Turbine Ventilator fans for fast and efficient composting using patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration technology. Handles up to 4 people for part-time (cottage) use or 2 people for full-time (home) use. Completely waterless all-in-one system that features a removable bowl for easy-cleaning. Less than 20'' in height to the seat with no step-up required. Environment-friendly and economical alternative to septic tanks or traditional plumbing. Clean, sanitary and odour-free operation with minimal maintenance. Empty 1-2 times/year depending on type of use. Installs easily in almost any application including cottages, cabins, homes, basements, garages, pool cabanas, warehouses and more. Automatic Six-Way Aeration technology for fast, efficient composting. Add soil mixes or standard peat moss to help composting. Includes all accessories for normal installation, including 10' vent pipe, couplings, soil mixes, compost accelerator and wind turbine ventilator. Powerful Wind Turbine assists with evaporation. Features the longest warranty in the composting toilet industry. For extra product info, contact Santerra Green toll-free at 1-866-441-2565. 5-year warranty on internal components and the ruggedly-constructed body has a Lifetime Warranty. Online only