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Window coverings complete your room décor and can provide privacy and energy savings. Choose wisely and your window coverings can instantly dress up any room.


Beautiful window coverings can make all the difference to your home. They control light, block UV damage, and offer privacy. Your main considerations for choosing window coverings should be function, budget, and style and design. Sheers, drapes, blinds, shutters - the possibilities are virtually endless.

Window Basics

Types of Window Coverings
There are two main types of window coverings. They are commonly broken into soft coverings and hard coverings based on the materials used in construction. Soft window coverings refer to curtains, drapes and sheers while hard window coverings are blinds, shades and shutters.

You want to think about what your window coverings can offer you. Privacy is an important consideration for bedroom and bathroom windows, as well as windows that face the road or neighbours. Decide how much light and privacy you want for your room before you settle on what type of window covering you want. Light control can mean either enhancing the natural light in a space, blocking it out entirely or simply reducing glare. You can also choose your window coverings to either highlight or hide the architecture of the window itself. Window coverings also provide energy savings by minimizing drafts around windows, and help to dampen outside noise.

Determine what you want to spend. Window coverings range from very inexpensive to major décor investments. Custom-made shutters or blinds look like a simple window fix but they can also make a major dent in your décor budget. Plan on how much you want to spend and stick to it.

You will want to consider what sort of window treatment you want to suit your décor. If you tend toward a more traditional style, chances are that sheers with a heavy formal drape will match well. More modern decors suit simpler blinds and shutters.