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Vacuums Buying Guide

Canister? Upright? Carpet cleaner? With all the options available, make sure you pick the vacuum right for your home and cleaning needs.


There’s no doubt the vacuum has revolutionized housework, making it easier and faster. To pick the right vacuum cleaner for you, think about what cleaning chores you tackle regularly. Is the versatility of a canister vacuum appealing? Or do you want an upright to handle rooms of wall-to-wall carpeting? Along with matching you with the right type of vacuum, this guide details key features to look for and defines common industry terms you’ll run across.

What’s the best vacuum for me?

Do I need a canister vacuum?

    Consider a canister if you:
  • have more bare floors than carpet
  • regularly clean stairs, throw rugs, upholstery, drapes & blinds, and hard-to-reach places such as under furniture
  • have a multi-levelled home, as a canister is lightweight and easy to carry
  • want to quickly change from the powerhead to specialized attachments
  • want the comfort of only pushing the powerhead of the canister and not the whole vacuum
    Did you know canisters:
  • have powerful suction and great edge-cleaning ability
  • offer excellent filtration, which helps reduce allergens
  • are available with or without bags
  • usually have a retractable electrical cord

Do I need an upright vacuum?

    Consider an upright if you:
  • mostly have carpeted floors
  • have large areas to clean
  • want a vacuum that’s easy to maneuver with no assembly required and can be controlled with one hand
  • have limited storage space
  • occasionally clean upholstery, drapes & blinds, and hard-to-reach places such as under furniture
    Did you know uprights:
  • mostly come with a flexible hose and special attachments for greater versatility with cleaning jobs
  • can come with the option of switching from carpet to bare floor; be sure the beater bar can be turned off before cleaning hard surfaces, as a beater bar may scratch or damage wood or ceramic floors
  • are available with or without bags
  • have vacuum bags that are large and require less changing than older models

Do I need a carpet cleaner?

    Consider a carpet cleaner if you:
  • want your carpets looking fresh and new
  • have kids or pets, as a carpet cleaner is great for cleaning high traffic areas and spot cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • want to be able to instantly clean up messes and avoid set-in stains
  • regularly give your home a deep clean
  • don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting and transporting a carpet cleaner
    Did you know carpet cleaners:
  • are mostly lightweight, and easy to use, move and store
  • remove extra-tough dirt and grime
  • can come with a wet/dry vacuum option
  • can also clean hard surfaces