Customer Service Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How secure is your website?

A. We want to assure you that when you are using our secure ordering procedure, all of your credit card information is protected. We use "SSL" encryption when your credit card information is sent across the Internet, and that means that no one can understand that data, because it is scrambled with a 128 bit digital key. We, (like many web merchants), have a digital certificate issued by Verisign which your browser checks before allowing this transmission. For more in how this works, see Verisign's website.

Q. Can I include a link to your website from a website which I support?

A. We encourage other websites to link to our home page on the Sears Canada website. Please let us know when it is done and give us the URL of the page so we may review it. We reserve the right to disallow any such links if we determine that the reference would be offensive to our customers in any way. Link to us - details »

Q. Will you include a link on to my website?

A. We regret that we cannot provide links from our website to other sites unless there is a specific business relationship which we wish to communicate to our customers.