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A good sofa is the heart of a home, from hours spent relaxing to evenings entertaining guests. You’ll truly appreciate the time and money you spend finding just the right one.


Choosing a sofa involves more than simply finding the right look; it includes considering details like construction, considering how it will be used, measurements and more. Whether you are single in an apartment or have a family in a large space, this guide provides you with basic information you need to know before investing in this important piece of furniture.


Sofa Types

Standard sofas and couches range anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in length and fit two to three people. This type of sofa will fit comfortably in most living rooms in residential homes but might be challenging to fit in a smaller apartment or condominium.

Typically 5 to 6 feet in length, loveseats fit two people comfortably. They are ideal for smaller spaces, such as apartments/condominiums, dens and home offices.

Chaise Lounges
A sort of hybrid of a sofa and chair, chaise lounges offer a stylish, comfortable and unique way to relax. Available in a range of materials, including upholstered fabrics, bonded and tufted leather, and wicker to name a few, chaise lounges are elegant conversation pieces, some of which can adjust into several reclining positions.

Double chaise lounges are ideal for allowing two people to relax together – perfect for bonding parents and children or offering a cozy romantic space for couples. They also provide a sleeping option for guests.

Sets or living room collections include a sofa with any combination of loveseat, chaise lounge, chair or ottoman. Sets are ideal for those who prefer matching looks. Purchasing sofas and furniture in sets can often be more economical than buying numerous pieces individually.

Sectionals come in many stylish and functional configurations and are perfect when socializing in groups is a priority. They typically range from 9 to 14 feet in length, come in a variety of design shapes and can fit larger groups of people comfortably. Excellent for larger living rooms, family rooms and even basements, sectionals can be separated into their component pieces for use in additional rooms when needed.

Reclining Sofas
Perfect for watching a favourite movie while snuggling up with loved ones or getting extra comfortable for the big game, reclining sofas operate much like reclining chairs. Look for a reclining sofa with smooth-working mechanisms. Its metal parts should be smooth and free of sharp edges and its moving parts should fully clear the upholstery to avoid damaging it.

Sofa Beds
Sofa beds, also known as sleeper sofas, are versatile pieces that unfold to form a bed that sleeps two adults. These beds are fantastic options for any home, but particularly useful for those without a lot of space.

These pieces have come a long way in recent years and many find that they are excellent alternatives to conventional beds – some can even recline. They should lift up and out in one smooth motion. Look for sofa beds with a lock-down bar to ensure easy opening and proper closure. When looking for a sofa bed it’s important to remember its dual purpose – try to find one that fits your style and comfort requirements as a sofa, not focusing solely on its sleeping features.

Futons are generally a less costly alternative to sofa beds and function in a similar way. Like sofa beds, futons are a great piece for any home, but particularly practical for those with limited space. Many futons can be positioned to recline. Higher-quality materials, designs and construction have taken futons beyond the near-exclusive domain of student use to stylish yet affordable multi-functional pieces of furniture. Most futons use standard mattress sizes. Mattresses made with a blend of cotton and foam are most common for futons and are lighter than 100% cotton versions. Cotton and foam mattresses don't sag as easily as ones made exclusively with cotton and have a pleasant rigidity. Innerspring mattresses are often considered most comfortable for futons, but are slightly more expensive and heavier than other futon mattresses.