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Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada is the country's leading youth organization offering exciting outdoor adventure for boys and girls ages 5 to 26, in approximately 3,000 individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada. Through its recreational, social, environmental, and community development programs, Scouting teaches youth about the active role they can play in helping to create a better world. Over 75,000 young people enjoy Scouts Canada's programs which are provided by over 23,000 caring and dedicated volunteers.



Some families and communities are unable to embrace traditional core Scouting programs due to geographical and local circumstances, while others simply find the ongoing commitment of weekly meetings over a full calendar year to be more than they can manage both in terms of cost and time. SCOUTSabout is an exciting alternative to consider!

SCOUTSabout welcomes kids aged 5-10 to participate in Scouting programs in after-school time slots. It is the same program content, just packaged differently. Offered in 3-month modules, SCOUTSabout takes place either immediately after school in community centres and schools, or sometimes during school breaks and summer vacations. Participants enjoy the same kinds of activities as traditional Beavers and Cubs, but with a focus on structured play and learning by doing, and less of the traditional aspects of uniform, ceremony or badge programs. SCOUTSabout participants sometimes sign up for a second module, and in some cases decide to enroll in a Beavers or Cubs program... because they've had so much fun!

SCOUTSabout is particularly popular in urban centres and rural areas, with children living in non-traditional family settings. The cooperative and leadership skills learned through participation in SCOUTSabout has also been noted to provide excellent hands-on experience for youth interested in or studying Early Childhood Education.

Scouts Canada is bringing this unique program to an increasing number of children every year. More than 5,300 kids participated in SCOUTSabout programs across the country last year, representing a membership growth over 15% year-over-year.


Through in-store initiatives, Sears and Sears customers also help support Eco-Scouts, a nationwide initiative that teaches young people the value and importance of environmental stewardship and reducing carbon imprints through tree-planting (Scoutrees) and other environmentally-themed projects. Each April, local Scout Units visit local Sears Retail Stores to take part in fund-raising and awareness events. In the fall, Units take part in a “Popcorn Day at Sears” to similarly raise funds. As well, Sears helps raise funds for local and national Eco-Scouts programs through a point-of-sale 'Round Up Your Bill for Scouts' campaign.

Sears remains an engaged sponsor of Scouts Canada and is proud of its amazing program for building Canadian leaders of the future.

For more information visit www.scouts.ca.