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The SEARS-O-PEDIC® Mattress Family

Sears has developed a product line structure to meet virtually all of your mattress needs. Only Sears can offer the exclusive SEARS-O-PEDIC® family of products. Our three major categories are determined by the construction of the mattress…

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Wellness Series

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Wellness SeriesFeatures mildew and dust-resistant foam mattresses often preferred by allergy sufferers, plus Chiropractic® coil mattresses endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association for providing correct back support.

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Integrated Coil Series

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Integrated Coil SeriesFeatures coils that 'sense' your body's movements and 'respond' with proper support where needed. Your body weight is distributed across the mattress, to provide correct support and cushioning for the shoulders, back, legs and hips. Each coil is attached to those around it and they work together to support body weight.

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Independent Coil Series

SEARS-O-PEDIC® Independent Coil SeriesFeatures unique construction that minimizes movement across the mattress. So, if your partner moves, you are less likely to be disturbed. Individually-wrapped coils with bonding in the middle provide complete support. Each coil is individually cased in fabric and works independently of the others.


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