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Buying Guide for Roofing



Quality installed replacement roofs will give the homeowner protection from the outside elements; provide a great overall aesthetic look from the curb and provide peace of mind to the homeowner for years to come.

Why Choose Sears?

  • Selection of industry leading product
  • Sears approved installers
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Finance options tailored for every customer’s needs
  • Competitive promotional offers
  • Name you can trust
  • Fully insured and certified
  • Over 50 years in the business


Available Products including Features and Benefits

At Sears we have a wide variety of roofing options available:

a) Organic shingles (not available in all markets) – are made from paper or felt saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof.  A top coating is applied and ceramic granules are then embedded. 

b) Fibreglass shingles – are based on a fiberglass reinforcing mat, to which is applied asphalt with mineral fillers.

Buying Tips

When asking about replacement shingles the customer should ask about…

  • What is a complete roof replacement?
  • How long am I warranted with the shingle I am buying?

Leave it to the Experts

Replacement roofing involves intensive construction. Roofs that are not properly installed may cause leaking and interior damage to the home. 

3 Steps to a Professional Installation

  • Ensure that there is sufficient ice and water shield
  • Ensure that proper underlayment requirements are met as per code
  • Ensure there is sufficient roof ventilation

Product Maintenance

Eaves and gutters should be cleaned of debris.  Snow removal should also be considered areas where significant snow fall occurs.


The elements of a premium roof (pdf)