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vacuums and carpet cleaners

Vacuums - Tips

Owning a vacuum that reduces environmental allergens can help you clear the air in your home.

Is a canister vacuum right for you?
Are your floors multi-surfaced?

Canisters are versatile cleaners, excellent for homes with bare floors, carpets, throw rugs and upholstery.

Is your biggest cleaning challenge drapes and ceiling fans?

With above-floor cleaning tools and attachments, canisters are ideal for cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Is your home multi-leveled?

Canisters are lightweight and easy to lift and carry.

Do you clean stairs?

Look for a canister.

What is your vacuuming style?

Canisters allow for detailed and thorough cleaning and have tools like a flexible hose that give excellent versatility.

Is time an issue?

Look for a canister that makes quick changes from a power nozzle to specialized attachments.

Looking for comfort?

Pushing the power nozzle of a canister and not the whole vacuum requires less effort and is easier on you.

Is cleaning hard-to-reach places a hassle?

With smaller nozzles, canisters can reach far under furniture and all around furniture legs.

Did you know?

Most canisters offer excellent filtration which helps reduce allergens.
Canisters are available with or without bags.
Canisters usually have a retractable electrical cord.
Canisters have powerful suction and great edge-cleaning ability.

Is an upright vacuum right for you?

How often do you clean in hard-to-reach places?
Uprights with additional hose reach and on-board tools are perfect for expanding your cleaning options.

Are you strapped for time?

An upright can get the job done fast with great time saving features and attachments.

Looking for comfort?

Uprights are easy to maneuver with no assembly required and can be controlled with just one hand.

What types of floors do you have?

If you have wall-to-wall carpet, an upright is best. If you also have bare floors, look for an upright with a bare floor switch to help prevent scratches on hard surfaces.

Is your storage space limited?

Look for an upright that comes with a fold-away handle for easy storage.

Do you prefer bagged or bagless?

Both are available in upright vacuums so take your pick.
Is your biggest cleaning challenge large surface areas?
An upright with a 15" cleaning path saves time by covering large areas quickly.

Did you know?

Many uprights come with a special attachments for stairs.
Upright vacuums are great for cleaning hallways and large open carpet areas.
Upright vacuum bags are now large and require less changing than older models.
Most upright vacuums now come with a flexible hose for great versatility.
Upright vacuums have improved over the years, making them better at cleaning hard surfaces as well as above-floor cleaning.

Is a shampooer/extractor in your future?

Do you want to help your carpets stay fresh and new?
Shampooers/extractors can help prolong the life of your carpet.

Do you have kids and pets?

A shampooer/extractor is great for cleaning up everyday messes and spills on carpet, upholstery and stairs.

What types of floors do you have?

Shampooers/extractors efficiently clean many different types of surfaces, whether they're carpet or bare floors.

Does your home need a deep clean?

Shampooers/extractors have the versatility to deep clean carpets and hard floors.

How often do you clean your home?

Shampooers/extractors are effective for occasional spot cleaning as well as cleaning high traffic areas.

Do you want ease-of-use?

Look for a shampooer/extractor with a translucent solution tank that is easy to remove, easy to fill and easy to replace.

Want to deep clean at a moment's notice?

With a shampooer/extractor, you can instantly clean up messes and avoid set in stains.

Did you know?

Many shampooers/extractors have a wet and dry vacuum option.
Shampooers/extractors remove extra-tough dirt and grime.
Shampooers/extractors reduce cleaning into one easy step, no bucket or mop required.
Many shampooers/extractors are lightweight, easy to use, move and store.
Shampooers/extractors can also clean hard surfaces