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vacuums and carpet cleaners

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Vacuum and Carpet Cleaners - Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change the filter bag?

A filter bag should be changed before it completely fills with dirt. On most vacuum models a full bag will inhibit airflow and affect the machine's cleaning power. Some machine models provide an indicator light that tells you when it's time to change the filter bag.

What is a Hepa filter?

The Hepa filter is a patented bag designed to filter out virtually all pollens, household dust and mites found in a home.

What are the advantages of a central vac system?

Central vacuums run quieter than traditional canister or upright machines. The operation noises are contained in the room, basement or garage where the canister is installed.

What is the best way to vacuum a wood floor?

A canister machine with a brush attachment works well on wood floors. If you own an upright model be sure to turn off the beater bar when cleaning hard surfaces. A beater bar may scratch or damage wood or ceramic floors.