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Super Capacity

When time is money, you don't want to do several loads of laundry when you could do it all in one load. The large capacity of the Samsung SilvercareTM with Vibration Reduction Technology washing machine lets you wash more clothes in fewer loads, saving you both time and money. Fewer loads means greater savings.

SilverCareTM Technology

The secret behind Samsung's unique SilverCareTM technology is silver - sanitising silver clothes in cold water and without bleach, helping to remove odour-causing bacteria for up to 30 days. Perfect for delicates, colours and special care items, cold water washing saves you money as well. And since film build-up inside the stainless steel drum is a thing of the past, you can count on it remaining clean.

Vibration Reduction Technology

A washing machine shouldn't bang and dance around the room. That's why you'll love the whisper-quiet operation of your Samsung Washer. Samsung's Vibration Reduction Technology (VRTTM) provides smooth operation at spin speeds of up to 1,300rpm, significantly reducing vibration and noise. VRT improves the handling of unbalanced loads - another source of loud operation.

Soft Touch Jog Dial

A new feature which allows you to easily select cycles by turning the dial in either direction.