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glossary of drapery and decorating fabrics

Buying Guides - Glossary of drapery and decorating fabrics

The texture and appearance available in window fashions varies from gauze-like to silky soft to richly weighted. Some subtleties are difficult to convey in photography. To assist you in making a more informed buying decision, and to avoid surprises when you receive your drapery, we've compiled this handy glossary of definitions.

A semi-sheer, light-filtering fabric made of cotton or polyester-cotton blends constructed in a plain weave of fine, combed yarns and given a mercerized finish to help strengthen the fabric.
A fabric that has been glazed to achieve a high sheen, resulting in vivid colours.
Convolute Roller Type
Convolute is a very sturdy yet lightweight material produced by rolling paper & glue together to a specific inside & outside diameter (dependant on the width of the blind). The fabric of the roller shade is attached to the convolute roller type material tube.
A heavier weight Jacquard-woven fabric; the pattern's luster contrasts to its background and is often reversible.
A backing of acrylic or acrylic-cotton foam serves as an insulator. The latter, often identified by a brand such as Thermalsuede® or Thermalgard®, is generally superior in weight and flocked for a softer texture.
A thin, open-weave fabric which filters light and is often used for more casual window dressings like panels and scarves.
A term used to describe fabrics with a woven or knitted design. The jacquard attachment on the loom allows for the manufacturing of complicated designs that can be richly textured with raised stitches or a plainer, flatter weave.
A French word meaning 'watered', this is a finish produced by engraving rollers which press a wavy pattern into fabric. The moiré effect is a result of the differing way light reflects off the crushed and uncrushed areas so that the fabric looks watermarked.
A type of weave with a thick, close texture and a smooth surface that is generally lustrous but may be dull depending on the fibre.
Any lightweight, transparent fabric such as chiffon, crêpe or voile which provides some privacy yet allows light to enter a room. Chiffon has a finish that's generally dull and soft but sometimes stiff. Crêpe has a crinkled surface, greater opacity and is stiffer than most sheer fabric we sell.
Any denser-woven sheer with greater light-blocking characteristics.
Light-blocking fabric with a dense, even surface that is soft to the touch and has the feel of velvet.
A sheer, transparent fabric made of cylindrical twisted yarns. A polyester-cotton blend voile is less transparent and more gauze-like in texture.