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Bench vs Stationary Tools Buying Guide

For a true DIY-er, the next step after handheld power tools is towards bench or stationary tools. But which type is best for your needs?


While portable tools have their time and place, bench and stationary tools are your workshop heavy-hitters that generally supply more power and suit more applications. But what tools are right for you? And should you consider bench or stationary models? Factors to consider include what you will be using your tools for, what kind of jobs you have planned and how often you'll be using them. Another element to judge is the amount of area available in your workspace. In either case, there are benefits to both styles, and the ultimate right choice is determined by your specific needs.

Bench vs. Stationary Tools

Benefits of Bench Tools

Bench top tools come in a vast array of uses, varieties and power levels. Bench tools are generally smaller and take up much less space, which is a key concern for those trying to work in limited areas. They are also, on average, less expensive than stationary tools, providing cost-effective solutions to many home repair and home-based projects.

  • great for occasional users who need reliable performance
  • smaller sizes are more convenient while still providing ample capabilities
  • more portable and easier to transport; newer units incorporate collapsible stands that include wheels


Benefits of Stationary Tools

For users that need a lot of power, stationary tools are the best option. These units feature bigger motors that are designed to handle large jobs requiring increased capacity. Stationary tools are also of great value to those who plan on using their tools a lot, have more space with which to work and need extreme versatility.

  • increased output give stationary tools more power and capabilities
  • users can take on bigger projects, both in terms of size and in options