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Slipcover Buying Guide – FAQ

Slipcovers protect your sofas and other furniture and update your room’s style in an instant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a slipcover work on furniture with unattached pillows?

Yes, but you may have to adjust the pillows by either removing some, or overlapping them first. It may take a few tries to get it right, but it is possible.

Can you use a slipcover on leather furniture?

Yes, but if slippage is an issue you may want to place small pieces of carpet grip on the cushions to keep the cover in place.

Can you use a slipcover on a sofa bed?

Yes, since a sofa bed is basically a regular sofa. Follow the measurements for your sofa size.

Will a slipcover work on a sectional sofa?

They won’t work on all sectionals. You can purchase slipcovers to match the size of the components, measuring in from the outside arms and then tuck in all extra material. If your sectional has a reclining option then it won’t work.

Can you use a slipcover on furniture with wooden arms?

Yes, but you should wrap the wooden arms with cotton batting first to allow for a tighter and nicer looking fit.