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Tractors Buying Guide – Attachments

Choosing the right tractor for your lawn can be a daunting task. Let’s start sorting through the options so you can start shaping up your lawn.



Typically lawn and yard tractors will accept some basic attachments, such as tow-behind carts for hauling. For more complex groundbreaking attachments, a garden tractor is your best bet for versatility. Most garden tractors accept almost all types of attachments, including front and rear mount, and will provide you with the largest array of lawn care, groundbreaking and all-season capabilities. Determining what type of attachments, if any, you will need will go a long way to helping you decide if you need to invest in a garden tractor or if simply a lawn or yard tractor will do the trick.

For more information on what type of attachments will fit your tractor, see these charts for specifications.

Tractor Attachments


Hauling & Clean-up

Get your lawn in shape and maintain it with these basic cleaning & hauling attachments.

  • Sweeper: Sweeping attachments help you to clear clippings, autumn leaves, and debris from driveways and pathways around your lawn.
  • Tow-Behind Cart: This attachment allows you to haul heavy objects or equipment around your lawn and can be useful for completing maintenance and improvement projects on large lawns.

Lawn Care

For home owners who take lawn care seriously, there are many attachments available that can help you to improve the health and appearance for your lawn.

  • Dethatcher: Use a dethatcher to gently and effectively remove thatch buildup on your lawn and improve overall lawn health. Dethatcher attachments are available for rear and front mounting.
  • Aerator: This attachment is used to improve the health of your lawn by removing plugs of soil (plug aerator) or making small holes in your lawn (spike aerator) allowing air and water to penetrate.
  • Sprayer: Used to spray fertilizer, pesticides or even water, sprayer attachments are a convenient way to evenly distribute liquid products.
  • Spreader: When applying fertilizer to your yard, a spreader attachment can help provide a more even and precise application.
  • Roller: A roller attachments is used to flatten uneven ground or grass and to level sod or seeds.
  • Twin Bagger: When bagging clippings on large lawns, this attachment comes in handy to increase the volume of clippings you can collect at once without needing to stop to empty your bag.


For doing any large scale planting or creating new gardens and flowerbeds, groundbreaking attachments can be both time and labour saving.

  • Sleeve Hitch: Before using heavy duty groundbreaking attachments, you will first need to attach a sleeve hitch to your tractor. It is used to pull attachments at a proper angle, as well as lift and lower them into place.
  • Cultivator: A row crop cultivator is a multi-purpose groundbreaking attachment that can prepare soil and help with weed control. A disc cultivator can be used for seeding and planting.
  • Box Scraper: Use a box scraper attachment to perform grading jobs or to level dirt or gravel.
  • Rotary Tiller: To help break through new ground for planting, a rotary tiller attachment can be used on most types of soil.

Snow Removal

These attachments can be extremely useful in snowy climates and allowing you to use your garden tractor all year long, making the most of your investment.

  • Snowblower: For snow removal, a snowblower attachment with electric lift can be used to effectively throw snow off of driveways, parking pads and pathways. Two-stage snowblower attachments are available for heavy duty removal.
  • Snow Blade: To plow snow off driveways and pathways, a snow blade attachment with electric lift can hitch to the front of your tractor easily, without needing to remove the cutting deck.
  • Others: Counterweights and tire chains can be added to your tractor for improved safety and traction; a winter cab is an accessory that will give you warmth and added comfort while blowing snow.