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Patio Furniture Guide – Accessories & Extras

What better way to enjoy great weather than in your home’s outdoor space. Deciding what outdoor pieces are best for you is the first step.


Accessories & Extras


In addition to adding comfort to your outdoor space, fabrics such as pillows, cushions, rugs and curtains can brighten, warm and dress any space or piece of furniture. Adding fabrics is less costly than purchasing new furniture and provides finishing personalized touches to your space, making you feel even more at home.

Umbrellas/Shade Items

Providing instant shade, umbrellas are great for covering all types of patio furniture. Umbrellas are available in two general types: table and stand alone. The size of the patio umbrella determines the amount of shade it provides. On the smaller end, a 4- to 6-foot umbrella shades up to a 30-inch table set. An 11-foot umbrella provides the greatest covering – up to a 60-inch round or square table or a 72-inch oval or rectangle shaped table. For optimal day-long shade consider an umbrella with tilt capability.

Stands are needed for both table and stand alone umbrellas as they hold your patio umbrella straight against the force of winds. For larger umbrellas, like 11-foot models, look for the largest umbrella base available. These umbrellas need as much support as possible. Bases made from resin compound or cast-iron are good stabilizers for umbrellas.

Additional options for creating shade are all-weather curtains, motorized awnings and shade sails, to name a few. Shade sails are stretched between three or four points at different heights, creating an angle that prevents water from becoming trapped.

Furniture Covers

While not ideal for protecting your furniture during the winter months, covers are a very good way to keep your investments shielded from most of the elements. For those living in a hot, drier climate, a natural cloth cover resists the sun better than synthetic materials, which can sometime crack. Those in a wet climate might consider a cover made with a synthetic material such as vinyl, as these resist mould and mildew well. Covers made from heavier materials help ensure that they will not tear or blow away in strong winds, while those with light colours resist fading and maintain their original look longer.


Gazebos and shelters provide a way of enjoying the outdoors while still being sheltered from insects and other pests, the sun and rain. For those who enjoy being outdoors for extended periods but prefer shade, shelters are an option worth considering if your budget allows. Gazebos come in several shapes including square, rectangular and octagonal – popular among standard residences. Some gazebos and shelters can be delivered fully assembled, while others must be assembled on-site.