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Buying Guides - Humidifiers

There's a humidifier to meet just about everyone's need, whether for the whole house or a single room.

Whole House or Multiple Rooms


• Typically a free-standing, floor-positioned humidifier
• Coverage range of 700 - 2,900 sq. ft. depending on model
• Daily moisture output range of 23 - 53 L (6-14 gallons), depending on model
• Transmits invisible moisture into the air

Single Room


• Small, portable humidifier
• For areas up to 699 sq. ft., depending on model
• Transmits moisture into the air through evaporation, cool mist, warm mist or vaporization process


Types of Humidifiers

Evaporative, Cool Mist, Warm Mist, Vaporous

What do these technical terms mean?
Humidifiers accomplish humidification in various ways.


Transmits moisture into the air in an invisible or imperceptible form of water vapour by fan-forcing air through a moistened filter.

Cool Mist

Transmits moisture into the air in a visible, room-temperature mist by transforming water into a fine mist using ultrasonic technology.

Warm Mist

Transmits moisture into the air in a visible, warm mist using an electrical heating element within the humidifier.


Transmits moisture into the air in a steam vapour by boiling water using a heating element or electrode.


How Do I Decide What I Need

Ask yourself these questions:

What size of an area do I want to humidify?

• Is it under, or over, 700 sq. ft.?

How often do I want to refill my humidifier?

• A humidifier for an area larger than you need to humidify may seem wasteful, but it will run longer per filling.

What's my budget?

• You want to get the most for your money.


Compare the pros and cons of each type of humidifier:



Consider Other Important Factors

Automatic Humidistat

Controls the humidifier's running cycle. When the desired humidity level is reached the unit automatically shuts off; when the humidity level falls it restarts.

Fan Speeds

Usually there are two or more. Speed options allow you to choose between humidifying your area quickly or quietly.

Filter Type

Specially designed wick filters are considered best for trapping water impurities, preventing them from entering the air.

Running Time

Console units run longer per filling because they have a larger water reservoir.

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