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Replacement windows


Buying Guide for Replacement Windows



Quality installed replacement windows will give the homeowner protection from the outside elements and provide a great overall aesthetic look from the curb while meeting the energy related requirements required for rebates and tax credit programs.

Why Choose Sears?

  • ENERGY STAR® rated window assortment
  • Sears approved installers
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Finance options tailored for every customer’s needs
  • Competitive promotional offers
  • Name you can trust
  • Over 50 years in the business


Available Products including Features and Benefits

At Sears we have a wide variety of window types to choose from:


  • Maximum security
  • Maximum resistance to wind, air and water when closed
  • Easy cleaning from inside
  • Excellent air ventilation when opened.


  • Easy to clean from the inside
  • Energy Star ratings
  • Easy to operate


  • Easy to clean from inside
  • Provides ventilation
  • Sash moves up and down.


  • No moving sashes
  • Excellent in energy performance
  • Greater glass area for viewing

Awning window

  • Easy to clean
  • Sash opens out
  • Energy Star rated


Shop at Sears. Save Energy. Save Money.

All windows offered by Sears Canada are Energy Star rated.
Replacement windows that meet Energy Star requirements can help reduce the amount of energy that is required in the home to either heat/cool.  An energy efficient window should retain heat in the winter and keep the suns heat out of the home during the warmer months.  The purpose of an efficient window is to ensure that the home owner is comfortable during all seasons.

Buying Tips

When asking about windows the customer should ask about…

  • What is the difference between a full-frame replacement or insert?
  • Zone ratings and what zone the customer is located in
  • Energy Star ratings and what these ratings mean in terms of rebates.

Leave it to the Experts

Improper installation can hinder the structure and energy efficiency of the home. Thus, intensive construction, such as full frame rip out or insert installation should be installed by professionals. In addition, windows depending on size can be very heavy and difficult to insert into openings.

3 Steps to a Professional Installation

  • Determination between full frame rip out vs. insert
  • Proper caulking and insulation
  • Finishing on both exterior and interior of the home

Product Maintenance

Windows should be cleaned periodically.