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Buying Guide for Flooring



Selecting flooring that is durable, attractive, easy to maintain and healthy can be overwhelming because of the numerous good choices now available in the marketplace.

When choosing new flooring, consider the area where the new floor is to be installed, and the type of wear it will be subject to. Flooring covers a large surface area within your home, so choices can have consequences for both price and indoor air quality.

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Customers can make an appointment with one of Sears’ trained design professionals to meet in their home. They’ll help the customer decide what looks best on their floors, fitting into their lifestyle preference and budget. Sears will then measure, order and install floor coverings. In-home consultation is free.  A quality installation can help your flooring provide long-lasting performance.  It is very important that flooring be installed by a reputable, reliable installer who should follow the installation instructions recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

3 Steps to a Professional Installation

1. Sears offers Free in-home consultation.  Call 1-800-4-MY-HOME and one of our professional flooring associates will come to your home to discuss your preferences and budget. 
2. Having the right tools, hardware and the know-how makes the difference.  A professional installer will deliver and install your new flooring at a time that’s onvenient to you. 
3. Our professional installers will maintain a clean, safe job site and clean up after the installation is complete.

Available Products including Features and Benefits
Consider the different types of flooring now available:

  • Wood - solid.  Solid hard wood floors are very durable and long lasting and easy to clean and maintain.   Wood is a natural insulator and can increase a home’s value. 
  • Wood – engineered.  Easy-to-install beveled edges minimize subfloor imperfections while adding visual interest.  Low maintenance-no waxing, buffing or polishing needed.  This pre-finished flooring reduces installation time and cost.
  • Vinyl - Resilient vinyl flooring provides enhanced resistance to scuffs, scratches, stains, indentations, rips, tears and gouges. Vinyl flooring duplicates the look and texture of real slate, wood and ceramic tile.
  •  Laminate - It would be hard to find a flooring product more versatile than laminate. Laminate floors are floating floors, meaning that they aren't attached to the subfloor. The flooring is sold as tongue and groove planks where the planks simply lock together. So you get superior indent- and wear-resistance with brilliant performance everyday.
  • FiberFloor - FiberFloor is a new kind of resilient flooring. FiberFloor combines a cushiony feel with carefree maintenance and exceptional durability. A unique balanced construction allows the floor to lay flat and stay flat. No glue required! This practical and beautiful flooring stands up to water, moisture, scuffs, scratches and indentations and it looks great.
  • Carpet  - The beauty of a wall-to-wall is simple to see. It's comfortable underfoot, warm and soothing, and it can be used quickly and easily to tie a room together. The price of wall-to-wall varies depending on the size of your room, the quality of the carpet and of course the style that you choose. You will also require an underlay.  The use of wall-to-wall carpets is ideal in a child's bedroom or playroom and it's great to use a more industrial variety in a finished basement.
  • Nafco® Luxury Tile – This exceptional product offers the stylish look of stone, wood, slate and other natural textures, and tones. All NAFCO products are protected with superior wear resistance of Tritonite™.

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Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly, highly renewable, natural resource and can be harder than most hardwoods.  It is beautiful, durable and long lasting. Available in several styles (floating, nail-down or glue-down), grain patterns (vertical, or horizontal — where the nodes are more visible) and colours  natural, stained, or carbonized/caramelized — where the bamboo is steamed and the sugars within caramelize to deepen its color.  No added stain is needed).


Can a wood floor be wet mopped?

No. You should never wet mop your wood floor. Standing water left after wet mopping can dull your finish, damage the wood, and leave unsightly discolouring. If you happen to spill water on your floor, clean it up as quickly as possible. If massive amounts of water leak out onto the floor, such as a dishwasher that has leaked, it might damage the floor to the point where it would need to be replaced.

How should I clean my Pre-finished wood floor?

It is very easy to clean a Pre-finished hardwood floor. Simply dust mop, sweep, or vacuum (vacuum should have rubber wheels so not to scratch the floor). Most flooring dealers also sell cleaning kits, which come with a mop as well as an approved cleaner.

How can I prevent my wood flooring from scratching?

Many steps can be taken to help reduce scratches on a wood floor. First, you can put throw rugs down in any high traffic areas such as in entryways, in front of your sink or refrigerator, or down a highly traveled hallway. One of the best things you can do is dust, sweep or mop on a regular basis to keep any dirt or debris from collecting on the surface or the floor. You can also put felt pads under the legs of any chairs or tables.

What is the difference between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring?

Both laminate flooring and hardwood flooring can beautify a home. While hardwood is often thought to be a superior choice, there are several advantages to laminate flooring. Distinct differences between the two types of flooring often make laminate a more attractive alternative. Solid hardwood of any thickness (most is 3/8” to 3/4”) should be installed only above grade. Laminate flooring can be installed above or below grade, and over virtually any other flooring surface. Some hardwood flooring is engineered, meaning that instead of solid hardwood, it is made of several wood layers with a hardwood veneer. Laminate flooring, is also made of several layers. These are laminated together which makes for stability and strength. The top surface of laminate flooring is a photograph of hardwood. High quality photographs faithfully reproduce the grain and color of natural hardwood, and the surfaces on quality laminate flooring closely resemble real wood. Although many people insist on hardwood flooring, laminates are a long-lasting, durable, affordable option that are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of flooring.

How do laminate floor panels lock together?

There are many types of edge joining systems used to connect laminate flooring panels together. Some laminate flooring connections snap together by hand while others require a light tap with a mallet and a tapping block. Still others use a combination of a “snap” click edge and a “bang” or “tap” click at the end of the panels.

What is twist?

Twist is the number of turns put in the carpet fiber or yarn. Almost all carpets have twisted yarns. As a general rule, the more twist or turns on a fiber, the better performance you can expect. Yarns that are twisted tighter have a different "feel" than those that are less tight. 

What is resilient flooring?

Though vinyl is by far the most popular material found in resilient flooring, these floors can also be composed of materials such as linoleum, cork and rubber usually compressed with heat into a sheet or tile format.  It is designed to be durable resistant to stains and water, and comfortable to stand and work on.

What is FiberFloor?

FiberFloor is a new category in resilient flooring offering a new level of decorating convenience combining the comfort of carpet with the easy maintenance of resilient flooring. With its glueless application you can change your floor just as quickly as you change your decorating style.

  • The fiberglass interlayer and comfort backing make it more flexible and bendable.
  • The comfort backing serves as a base for indentation resistance and reduces impact noise and sound transmission.
  • Unique constuction provides stability so the flooring will not expand, contract, crack or curl. The advanced fiberglass technology is engineered to lay flat and stay flat.

Fiberfloor enables homeowners to replace tired or worn out flooring easily and affordability.

Buying Tips

Floor coverings are normally selected on the basis of their durability and ease of maintenance. Therefore, in selecting a floor covering for any given room, you should consider durability, ease of maintenance, special properties and advantages, and your budget.  The following chart can help determine the main types of flooring that would work best in areas of your home.


Room Type



Laminate Flooring


Engineered Hardwood









Living Rooms



Dining Rooms





Family Rooms



Basements (below grade)



Product Maintenance
Flooring material needs cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Regular care lengthens the life of your floor, helps that the warranty will be honoured, and keeps the surface looking its best.

Tile will sparkle with simple household cleaners, or for gentle cleaning, plain hot water can sometimes do the trick.

A vacuum with adjustable, rotating brushes that's strong enough to pull air through the carpet backing will help loosen ground-in soil and remove it. Occasional steam cleaning is also recommended; however, check with your manufacturer beforehand to ensure your warranty will not be voided.

Laminate Flooring
Vacuum, dry-mop or use a soft-bristle broom to clean your laminate floors. You can help extend the life of your floor by making sure that you remove course debris from the floor as soon as possible. If the floor becomes sticky or grimy then you can use a damp cloth or mild cleanser to clean the floor. You do not want to over-wet the surface of your laminate flooring as this can cause warping.

Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood
Dust or vacuum hardwoods regularly, and remove spills immediately with a damp cloth. Never wet-mop a wood floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood and leave a discolouring residue. Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a dry or slightly dampened towel (wipe dry).

Vinyl tends to provide a good shine with little maintenance. If you want your vinyl flooring to have a high gloss or shine, use an appropriate floor polish.

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