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Slipcovers Buying Guide

Slipcovers protect your sofas and other furniture and update your room’s style in an instant.


If you don’t want to replace your furniture but want a fresh new look, consider using slipcovers for a quick update. You can choose from a variety of styles and colours to give your furniture a facelift, and slipcovers can protect your furniture from wear and tear that can be caused by children and pets. Most wash easily, so getting rid of stains is as easy as throwing your slipcover in your washing machine. Also, if you don’t want to invest in new furniture you can use a slipcover until you can buy the furniture you really want.

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How to Choose

Firstly, you will want to choose a cover that matches your décor. Plain neutral shades are a good option if you are looking for a quick fix. If you are planning on having your covered furniture being a focal point then you can choose something more dramatic like a patterned or faux-suede or leather cover. The great thing is that most slipcovers are affordable, so you can even get a few to change the look of your room in a snap.

Types of Slipcovers

Custom-Made Slipcovers

If your budget has lots of breathing room, you can consider getting your slipcovers custom-made. The upside of these covers is that they will definitely fit properly since they are made for your specific furniture pieces. You will have to determine how much fabric will be needed, and what the the labour costs will be. Be warned, sometimes a custom-made slipcover may cost the same as replacing the furniture itself.

Semi-Custom Slipcovers

For semi-custom covers you send the measurements of your furniture to a company that makes them for numerous sizes of furniture. They won’t be custom-made, but the fit will likely be better than a ready made cover.

Ready-Made Slipcovers

Ready made covers are available at most major department stores and offer a simple and inexpensive way to update or protect a piece of furniture. The only downside is that not all sizes may be available, but you can often modify them with ties or tucking to make them fit properly.

Styles of Slipcovers

The great thing about a slipcover is that it can update your room’s décor immediately. If you want to cover floral furniture with a more modern look you can use slipcovers with straight lines in neutral shades. Alternatively if you want a more traditional look you can use covers with ruffles or ties to create a more delicate feel to your décor.


Purpose and your lifestyle should guide your choice. If it’s for a decorating update you can consider something less durable like velvet or damask, but if you need your cover to protect your furniture from pets or spills you should choose a resilient fabric like cotton or denim.


Cotton is a practical choice for most slipcovers. It comes in a multitude of colours, is hard-wearing and can be easily washed.


This is a good choice for a casual look. Denim is durable and can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. It suits most decors and will wear well since the fabric is heavy-weight.

Faux Leather or Suede

These are good options if you want a more luxe look but have a smaller budget. They are durable and stylish but can be harder to wash.


Jersey is made with cotton and spandex so it can stretch tightly over your furniture. Often these covers come in a wide array of patterns and colours so you have many options. The numerous colours mean you can either have a formal or casual look.


A more delicate fabric, linen should be used in areas with minimal traffic since it has a tendency to wrinkle and pill. It has an elegant look so it suits formal living and dining rooms.