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Electric Blankets Buying Guide

Electric blankets or heated blankets, are a great way to stay warm at night, sooth sore muscles and promote relaxation through heat therapy.


Electric blankets can be a great addition to your bedtime regime. If you suffer from chronic pain or the nighttime chills, buying an electric or heated blanket can help you to overcome these difficulties and achieve a sounder, more fulfilling sleep. With this guide, Sears Canada can instruct you on the benefits of electric blankets and the care required, while also addressing any safety concerns you may have before you settle in to a warmer and more soothing night’s sleep.

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Uses & Benefits

Electric blankets are useful for many different reasons. While the obvious use for these cozy accoutrements is to keep you warm in cooler weather, you might be surprised at other benefits:

  • great for pre-warming your bed before climbing in for the night
  • helps to control home heating energy / fuel costs
  • allows you to keep a cool room without the weight of multiple or heavier blankets
  • helps to manage individual comfort when two people share a bed
  • can help reduce pain associated with various ailments, such as sore muscles, arthritis or fibromyalgia



Cleaning & Care

Although most manufacturers of electric blankets indicate limited washing and drying of their products, you should always check the label for cleaning instructions. For those that can be laundered, a short, gentle wash cycle and a cool drying temperature are best. Commercial dryers are not recommended as the temperatures on those machines are generally very hot and could damage the blanket. Also, never dry clean or iron an electric blanket.


Safety Considerations

While electric blankets are cozy and warm on a cool night, you should remember that they are electric appliances that do carry risks. Please be sure to thoroughly read and follow all instructions, manuals and tip sheets that come with your new purchase.