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Vibration Buying Guide

Vibration fitness equipment is the latest trend. Check out the physical benefits of this new way to get fit and improve your overall wellness.


Vibration fitness equipment can be used as a low-impact workout that benefits your entire body. See how you can strengthen your muscles, boost your metabolism and increase your overall fitness level with a vibration platform machine.

About Vibration Platforms

How Do Vibration Platform Machines Work?

Vibration or whole body vibration technology was first developed by Russian scientists who wanted to ensure that their astronauts remained strong and did not lose bone density while in space for extended periods of time. They discovered that the use of vibration increased muscular strength and bone density, so they developed machines to create this vibration.

Today the same technology is used in vibration exercise equipment. These exercise machines or platforms have plates that vibrate at high levels. You stand or balance on the machine, and the vibrations are carried throughout your body. This causes your muscles to contract and relax, which strengthens your muscles and burns calories. Workouts are typically 10 to 15 minutes several times a week. It has been shown to have numerous positive effects on both fitness and overall wellness.


Why Buy a Vibration Machine?

A vibration machine is a useful addition to your home gym as most members of the family can easily use it and reap the numerous health benefits. It requires minimum physical effort and can assist in either a weight-loss or strength-training regime.

Other benefits of this exercise may include:

  • stronger muscle tissue
  • increased metabolism
  • enhanced bone density
  • reduced joint pain
  • improved flexibility
  • better lymph drainage
  • decreased stress levels

Additionally, this exercise is gentle and can be used by individuals in rehabilitation therapy. There is minimal impact and the vibration action can help to stimulate dormant muscles, which can help speed up recovery time. Be certain to consult your physician before you add a vibration platform to your fitness routine if you are in recovery from injury or surgery.

Before you begin a routine involving a vibration machine, be sure to familiarize yourself with the equipment thoroughly. Your workouts can start at as little as 10 minutes a week, and you can gradually increase the length and frequency of your routines as you become more accustomed to the equipment.


Health & Safety

There may be certain health risks associated with vibration technology. People who are pregnant, have advanced heart disease, pacemakers, epilepsy, severe diabetes, or have had recent surgery, hip or knee implants, recently placed IUD’s, pins or plates, may not be candidates for this type of exercise. You should check with your physician before you start using this equipment. This equipment is not recommended for use by children.