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Vibration Buying Guide – How to Choose

Vibration fitness equipment is the latest trend. Check out the physical benefits of this new way to get fit and improve your overall wellness.


How to Choose

Familiarize yourself with the different types of vibration platforms before you decide which vibration exercise machine is right for your home gym.


Vibration platform machines are a newer technology and as a result can be more expensive than more traditional equipment such as treadmills and elliptical machines. Smaller, more portable platforms can be found for less than $1000. However, you can expect to pay approximately $1000 or more for a commercial grade vibration exercise machine.



Oscillating platform machines have a centre point where the platform rises at one end and lowers at the other, like a see-saw. This mimics a walking motion. Although there is minimum lift on the platform itself, it is more effective in burning calories as it incorporates muscles in the legs, waist, back and hips. These machines have larger ranges of motion and operate at slower speeds, which burn more calories. As a result, these are better for weight loss. They tend to have lower price points.

These types of machines have a platform that rises up and down in a continuous motion, while moving side to side, up and down and front to back all at the same time. These machines have a relatively small range of motion, yet run at higher speeds. This requires more effort from the muscle groups in the body. These can be more effective in improving bone density and muscle mass. They are more commonly used by sports professionals and rehab facilities, and are found in commercial gyms. They are not as effective in a weight loss regime. These machines tend to be heavier and larger, and as a result are more expensive.


Fitness Goals

Vibration machines can be helpful in getting back into shape, or maintaining an already healthy level of physical fitness. Since working out with these machines is relatively low impact, most people can benefit from using a vibration machine. These machines are also effective in part of a wellness routine as they are gentle enough for adults of all ages.