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Buying Guides - VCR/DVDs

New to the market in recent years is the development of the VCR/DVD dual deck. Similar to the combination of a TV and VCR or DVD, this combo deck allows you to enjoy the features of a VCR and the features of a DVD player, without the hassle of a bunch of wires to connect two separate components. Keep in mind, you cannot use this component to copy from the DVD player onto the VCR due to DVD copyright protection.

Use the same principles in selecting a VCR/DVD combo as you would when making a decision about a VCR or DVD. Many of the features found on the individual components can be found on a combination deck, but at a high cost. Combo units start at $400 and climb in price as you add more features. The combo deck is best advised when convenience is an issue as it combines the need for the newer DVD technology, while keeping the tried and tested VCR format.