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Buying Guides - TV/DVDs

A TV/DVD system combines a television with a DVD player in one cabinet, without the need for extra wires to connect two separate components. Such a system might be considered where space is limited.

These combination units are relatively new in the market place and demand a premium price. Entry units with a screen size of 20 inches start at $550 and climb as high as $900 for a full feature model. Larger screen sizes are also available.

Consider These Important Features...

Screen size

Most screen sizes range between 20 inches and 27 inches.

Multiple DVD viewing options

The DVD player built-in to the combo unit can offer a variety of exciting viewing options, all of which are dependant upon the DVD movie disc you are watching. You can view a movie with a different language or with subtitles. Some DVDs also have the option of switching between multiple camera angles.

Front speakers

Provide direct sound to the viewers.

Digital audio output

Many of today's movies rely on a soundtrack that envelops the viewer and brings all the action to life. Digital outputs will provide you with six discrete channels of exhilarating digital audio that deliver the ultimate sound experience.

Built-in simulated surround sound

Even without an elaborate home theatre system, you can still enjoy the thrilling sound of any movie.

Remote Control

Does the unit include a remote control and, if so, does it offer illuminated buttons? The glowing buttons help you operate the remote in dimly lit places.