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portable dvd players

Buying Guides - Portable DVD Players

About Portable DVD Players

If you want to watch your DVD in any room of your home, or you would like to take the device with you on vacation, consider a portable DVD player. They measure roughly six-inches wide, six-inches deep and two-inches high, weigh only about two pounds and can run on rechargeable batteries. Some players include a flip-up screen for watching movies anywhere, while some exclude the screen and are primarily used to view DVDs when connected to a TV. Many players have built-in stereo speakers that deliver dramatic surround sound.


Consider These Important Features...

  • Display. Some players include display monitors and some don't. Display options include Colour LCD or Active Matrix Colour TFT.
  • Digital audio output. DVD players offer two types of output: optical (which requires a special fiber-optic cable for hook up) and coaxial (which works best with special coaxial cables mode for digital signals). Some models offer both types of outputs; others have optical outputs only.
  • DTS-capable. DTS (digital theatre systems) is a competing sound format similar to Dolby Digital. Although the number of DVDs with DTS soundtracks is still limited, this feature allows the unit to read a DTS signal and pass it along to a receiver or decoder with DTS decoding.
  • Display modes. Many players offer the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio or both. The user can select normal, full or zoom display modes.
  • Rechargeable battery pack. Portable DVD players tend to drain batteries quickly. Most players come with a rechargeable battery pack for convenient recharging, but if you plan to use the player while travelling, you may want to consider purchasing an extra battery pack. This way, you can be assured of viewing a movie in its entirety.
  • CD compatible. Lets you listen to CDs in your portable DVD player.
  • Headphone jack and internal stereo speakers.
  • AC Adapter.
  • Remote Control.

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