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what's your style

Furniture Resource - decorator's corner : what's your style?

What's Your Style?

Traditional, Country or Contemporary

Style is the way we live. It is our personal expression played out with colours, patterns, textures and fabrics. It's the world we want to live in. And our choices define our preferred style and who we are.


Timeless, classic and elegant. Styling that is well-loved and enduring. The traditional style is more formal, creating rooms admired for their sophistication.


It's all about kick-off-your-shoes comfort. Warm and homey. The country style is casual and inviting with a relaxed attitude that is flexible and forgiving. A perfect look for today's busy family.


Think modern. Low maintenance. Urban, bold and fresh. The contemporary style focuses on clean lines and stylized minimalism. Less is more.


Colour - traditionalColour is everywhere. It affects us in so many ways every day.
Finding the right colour can really complement your style.

Traditional colour combinations are rich and refined:

  • Picture classic deep shades of burgundy, olive green, midnight blue, burnt red and gold
  • Romanticize a room with pretty pastels; soft Victorian shades of pale pink, powder blue and creamy ivory

Colour - country

Country colours are warm and comfortable:

  • Faded and sun-washed, like a navy blue with putty, or pale blue with soft rose
  • Add charm and whimsy with bright, cheerful colours such as yellow and sky blue or bubble gum pink and vine green


Colour - contemporary

Contemporary colours have a sense of drama:

  • Go boldly forth in combinations such as red and black
  • Have fun with funky acid colours like lime green and fuchsia pink
  • Colour combinations that clash, like orange and hot pink, are just fine
  • Try retro-inspired pairings like avocado and chocolate brown

Prints, patterns, and fabrics

Prints, patterns, and fabrics - traditional

The boundaries between home decor styles tend to blur when it comes to fabrics and patterns. The scale or size of a print, the colour, and even how a fabric is treated, can determine the decor style.


  • Upholds a sense of history with patterns inspired by architecture (tiles with an ancient look, scroll designs, tapestries and paisley abound)
  • Plaids and stripes (wide or pinstripes) and floral patterns
  • Menswear-inspired patterns (think herringbone, houndstooth and argyle)
  • Fabrics include velvet, chenille, silk, wool, boucle, tweed, cotton, jacquard, leather, faux suede or fur, and brushed twill

Prints, patterns, and fabrics - country


  • Down-home country comfort surrounds you in small-scale prints like florals, gingham, plaid and polka dots
  • Feast your eyes on fruits, vegetable and leaf motifs for the kitchen
  • Fabrics go natural, warm and cozy, in washed cotton, duck cloth, chunky knits, flannel, patchwork quilts, denim, aged leather, wool and wide wale corduroy

Prints, patterns, and fabrics - contemporary


  • Dazzle with pop art graphics
  • Geometric designs rule, with interlocking squares, circles, dots and abstract shapes
  • Go bold with large floral patterns
  • Read between the lines with bar code stripes
  • Fabrics take the soft approach with softly-napped faux suede, leather, faux fur, silk, brushed twill, pin wale (fine) corduroy and velvet


Texture - traditional


  • Complete a masculine master bedroom with a padded suede headboard
  • Use warm and inviting fabrics that beg to be touched
  • Decorative pillows add dimension and create the illusion of more colour and depth

Texture - country




  • Create a cozy cottage bedroom that is comfortable and welcoming
  • Picture layered vintage linens, antique and crocheted blankets and a painted metal headboard

Texture - contemporary


  • An urban bedroom that boasts smooth-to-the-touch silk pillows
  • Pin-tucked bedspread and wool throw blankets for sophistication, and a brushed nickel headboard


Materials and Finishes

Materials and Finishes - traditional

The phrase ‘finishing touch' is no accident. An eye for detail is what separates the everyday from the spectacular.


  • Dark hardwood furnishings such as mahogany, oak and cherry
  • Polished surfaces that are elegant, however, less forgiving
  • Warm, sophisticated materials such as leather and faux suede
  • Sparkling decor in gold and polished silver, plus glass and crystal accessories

Materials and Finishes - country


  • Laid-back and low maintenance
  • Get back to nature with pine and other knotty woods (natural, painted or stained) or clay, iron, wicker and stone
  • Imperfect or distressed finishes
  • Matte, dull finishes that are more forgiving and easy to care for

Materials and Finishes - contemporary


  • Clean and contemporary with modern materials like metal, tempered glass and coloured plastic
  • Highly polished, high-tech glossy surfaces that speak to performance and style
  • Wood is served up in 2 extreme stains - dark like espresso or very light as blonde


Shape and Profile

Shape and Profile - traditional


  • Lines are classic and perfect in a formal living/dining room or bedroom
  • Its timeless look makes for a sound decorating investment
  • Familiar shapes include trophy and urn, with or without wood carving details
  • Chippendale-style, Queen Anne-style and Louis XV-style profiles
  • Picture Louis XV-inspired styling on a chair made of rich woods, and upholstered in luxurious jacquards, silk and velvet
  • Add a brass, pewter, wrought iron or silver lamp with a candlestick, column or urn-style base and a luxurious fabric shade

Shape and Profile - country


  • Lines are rounded or chunky and ideal in a family room or kitchen
  • Simple, plain shapes - even with a handmade appearance at times - for a casual, relaxed feel
  • Lean back in a slat-back chair in oak, walnut or pine, softened with a chair pad

Add a simple round lamp base - nothing fussy - made of ceramic, wood or painted metal

Shape and Profile - contemporary



  • Clean, simple, angular lines with minimal detailing
  • Inspired shapes from the 1960's and 1970's
  • Functional and mobile with a mix-and-match of eclectic materials like vinyl and chrome
  • Slip into a parson chair - clean and sleek in design, with chrome, or black lacquer, natural or dark brown wooden legs - covered in leather or faux suede fabric
  • Add a lamp that shines with a brushed stainless steel, nickel, aluminum or chrome base and a fabric, opaque or frosted glass shade