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Buying Guides - Tips & Hints for Bath


- GET ORGANIZED! Put a Lazy Susan under your bathroom sink - you will be able to reach everything. Use a wicker basket to hold your cleaning supplies it will look organized and you can carry it around as you clean. Plastic ice trays make handy dividers to hold small items in a bathroom drawer, like hair pins and elastics etc...

- LAUNDERING FOR LONGEVITY... Follow label instructions and note that the higher heat settings may shrink towels, dry out the fibres and damage absorbency. Avoid fabric softeners made of silicone; they may leave a coating on the fibres that stiffen the loops making them water repellant instead of absorbent. Wash new towels three or four times before using to rinse out excess dyes.

- To clean your shower curtains, simply use Bicarbonate Soda in or out of the washing machine.

- Looking for that the new sparkling finish to your chrome-plated fixtures? Try these quick and easy tips: 1) Use new or used fabric softener sheets to shine the chrome-plated fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen; 2) Don't throw away that used lemon! Rub the pulp onto your fixtures and wipe with a cloth. You can also use rubbing alcohol for a streak-free finish.

- Make the most of your perfect little bathroom. Use a countertop style wine rack to store extra towels and an over-the-door shoe keeper for storing things like shaving cream, razors, extra soap, hand lotions, etc ....

- Mirror, mirror on the wall .... Where have you gone? Can't see yourself after a nice hot shower. Try this - take a little shaving cream and spread it onto the mirror. Wipe well and ... no fog.

- Have Sears monogram your towels for personal or professional use. ( i.e. 'Betsy's Bowlers' or 'Annabelle's B & B'.)


Décor IdeasDécor Ideas:

- If a room receives a lot of sunlight, select cool colours to balance the feel and with a room that doesn't receive much light select a warm colour.

- Keep in mind when choosing paint colours that you can colour match almost anything. Take a sample of the item you want to match to your paint store and get them to analyze it, and they can sort out the corresponding paint.

- Make a small room bigger. Choose lighter colours to increase the lightness of the room. Looking for that perfect retreat at the end of the day? Pastels will help create a more serene setting.

- Did you know that one of the most popular items to register for a wedding is towels?

- Top three wedding registry items are: 1) Towels, 2) Linens, and 3) Pillows.

- Freshen the air using small sachets sewn from fabric scrapes filled with powdered cloves, nutmeg, caraway seed, cinnamon and mace. These make great gifts to hang in a closet or place in drawers because they may also help repel moths.

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