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Crib Mattresses Buying Guide – Features

Your baby’s crib mattress is an important purchase for your nursery. Learn about the different types & features before you put your little one to bed.



Interior Support System

The following are interior support systems that help prevent sagging and that are important features of a firm mattress:

  • Border rods: Located around the perimeter of the mattress, border rods prevent the mattress from sinking when your baby stands or sleeps close to the corners or edges
  • Interior steel vertical or X frame bars: Provide a flat uniform surface across the entire mattress

Organic Materials

These days, organic wool or cotton are popular choices for crib mattresses. These materials are naturally fire resistant and free of synthetic chemicals. Organic wool or cotton is also very breathable which can help maintain a comfortable body temperature for baby. These materials are also very resilient and mildew resistant.

There are several factors to consider before for choosing a crib mattress made with organic material. Organic mattresses don't contain polyurethane foam, which gives off potentially harmful VOCs. There is also no presence of unsafe fire retardants.

If you choose to go with organic, make sure:

  • the coils have not been treated with oils or chemicals
  • organic padding is thickly quilted to avoid slippage
  • border wire is strong to prevent sides from sagging (it will last longer and the sheets will be wrinkle free)
  • the purest natural materials are used (100% natural cotton, wool, or rubber)

Mattress Covers

It’s a good idea to purchase a protective washable mattress cover for your crib mattress. A mattress cover will help keep the mattress clean and fresh and extend mattress life. Also look for a mattress that has a durable multi-layer cover that will protect the mattress from spit up or diaper accidents and one that has vent holes which allow air and odours to escape while preventing seams from splitting.